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Is Your Beautywear Sending The Wrong Message?

by La Beeby 09 Aug 2017
Is Your Beautywear Sending The Wrong Message?

Seven seconds. That’s how long we have to make a good first impression according to modern psychological studies. Nonverbal cues, like stance, smile, and handshakes, all play a role in shaping opinions, but our appearance is one of the strongest influencers of all.

There’s genuine value in dressing to impress, especially if you’re in the beauty sector. Let’s take a look at why it’s so important to get your beautywear in check:

Looking the part is half the battle

As a professional working in this industry, customers will judge your skills based on how you look. If your beautywear is rough around the edges, people won’t have faith in your ability. On the one hand it’s shallow, but on the other it makes sense. How can someone trust you to improve their appearance if you aren’t taking care of your own?

Your uniform needs to show that you can give customers exactly what they’re searching for. The bottom line is that looking the part is absolutely essential in hair and beauty, which is why you need to know the do’s and don’ts to ensure you aren’t sending the wrong message to your clientele.

Beautywear: Do’s and the Don’ts

In order to project a professional, attractive image to the world, you’ll need to know what salon/spa customers like to see in their beauty professionals – as well as what turns them off.


Take the time to find a superb pair of shoes. A lofty heel or open-toe design might look fab when you’re trotting around town on a Saturday evening, but at the salon, these shoes just aren’t viable. Smart, comfortable footwear is crucial in a working environment where you’re on your feet all day.

Wear clothing that goes beyond the knee. Any clothing that halts too high above the knee will make you look unprofessional. Steer clear of showing too much flesh.

Establish a consistent colour scheme. A stylish, coloured uniform worn by all members of staff signifies professionalism – helping to form a positive impression in that crucial seven-second period we discussed a little earlier.


Display too much jewellery. Subtle earrings and piercings can be classy when worn right, but overdoing it on extravagant jewellery will disenchant customers and may even get in the way of being able to do your job.

Wear plunging necklines or crop tops. Most other professional disciplines consider these items inappropriate, and a beauty salon should be no different.

Go overboard on fragrances. Personal hygiene is important in a position where you work in such close proximity with customers. Whilst a few squirts of perfume offers a pleasant aroma, covering yourself in the stuff has the opposite effect. Too much fragrance is off-putting.

If you believe your work attire might be sending out the wrong message, it’s time to refresh your beautywear wardrobe. As one of Britain’s leading suppliers of salon and spa uniforms, we have a terrific selection of tunics, trousers, shoes, jackets and blouses that can help convince customers to keep coming back to your business.

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