Great Value Nurses Fob Watches and Beauty Tunic Belts from La Beeby

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From basic to chic in a few simple clicks…

You’ve got the basics: now it’s time to accessorise your look with shoes, belts, fob watches and more that will round off your workwear. Our accessories are the cherry on top of our quality uniforms, adding the final touch to your weekday attire. Look head-to-toe fabulous with gorgeous shoes, nurses watches, tunic belts and badges from La Beeby. Made to mix and match with our tunics, trousers and dresses, they work as hard as you do, while looking effortless at the same time…

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  • Fifi

    Stylish Wedge Heel Shoe


  • Salon Shoe

    Stylish Flat Heel Shoe


  • Belt

    Pleat Detail Belt


  • Fob Watch

    Funky Silicon Design


  • Sale

    Hand Mitts

    Towelling hand mitts

    $8.93   $7.43

Our accessories aren’t just for show; they’re handpicked for practicality and durability, so you can feel confident when kitting yourself out for the 9-5. Be bold with your look by choosing vibrant tunic belts and nurse fob watches, or discover sleek black additions to your wardrobe, like hard-wearing fifi shoes.

We’re constantly looking ahead to the latest style trends, so check back here for enviable accessories that’ll get your colleagues talking. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give our trend experts a call on 0161 871 0500 to place the last piece in the workwear puzzle.