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A Style Guide For Your Beauty Jumpsuit

by La Beeby 01 Aug 2019
A Style Guide For Your Beauty Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits give us two things at work – freedom and uniformity. You’re less constricted as you move around, while the main material provides a consistent colour scheme to anchor your outfit. For a salon uniform, you can’t get much better. Beauty jumpsuits are a key part of your work wardrobe, especially in spring and summer. Keep reading for colours, styles and complementary accessories you can try on for size…

Stick to a professional look

Listing all of the jumpsuit cuts in the world would take half our day up! But there are a handful of staples… A wide-leg design provides a straight line from the hips to the ankle, perfect with sandals and for a petite figure. Frilly jumpsuits are cute with a waist tie, but they’re almost too casual for the workplace – you want something that still emphasises neatness and clean lines, without being overly conservative.

You may want something that mirrors a ‘little black dress’: classic, professional, and suited to a wide array of purposes, from brand launches to mobile salon stalls. La Beeby’s beauty jumpsuit fills this niche at a price you can afford for the whole team.

A waistband nips in and separates your lower half visually from the rest of the suit. Cross seams run down the soft twill polyester for more variety too. Meanwhile, the pant legs cling close to the skin, for a slim shape all the way down to your work shoes.

Choose a sumptuous belt

Every outfit needs a centrepiece. For the jumpsuit, a belt does the trick. You should find one that enhances the main colour tone, standing out more than blending in for a noticeable effect.

Black jumpsuits, for instance, match excellently to gold or pink. White is another choice that can also pair with a peach, yellow or orange uniform. Blue belts should be reserved for a green or soft canary-coloured jumpsuit.

For the material, you don’t want a high-gloss finish – woven designs are better for a more effortless, natural look, or opt for a flexible 100% polyester belt that doesn’t chafe.

Use watches and chunky jewellery

Because a beauty jumpsuit is going to lend a more ‘blank canvas’ impression than a dress or even tunic/trouser combo, add subtle touches where you can. One way to do so is by strapping on a watch, like either of our fob models. A vivid pink or silver accessory makes the rest of your image more detailed, adding interest to the eye.

Bracelets and bangles are another great choice. Whether hammered, chunky or several layered up, they make a glimmering accompaniment that’s still suitable for a salon uniform. Avoid pendants, because work jumpsuits probably won’t be cut low enough for anyone to see them. Statement necklaces could work – but only if they don’t become uncomfortable during a shift.

Take the jumpsuit to new heights with our beauty work uniform collection. And, if you’re seeking some of the best advice in the industry, contact La Beeby with any questions you may have.

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