Fabric Care Guide


To bring you uniforms that are durable, soft and lightweight with bi-stretch for easy movement, we use the latest fabric developments and micro-yarn technology.

Key features: Our water-repellent hydrophobic fibres are anti-warping and anti-shrinking, colour fast, quick-drying, wrinkle resistant and easy to launder. A truly modern material to meet the demands of today’s professionals.

Your uniform will stay looking pristine with very little effort. Wash and hang to dry and it will be ready to wear within hours.


All our garments can be washed at up to 60°c. Pairing your 60°c wash with a good detergent is essential if you need to blast bacteria. 60°c is also optimal for removing any greasy stains. However, 40°c will work well for banishing most other stains.

Did you know that good laundry detergents today will give you great results even at lower temperatures, whilst also helping to save energy. Washing at 40°c uses less than half the energy of a 60°c wash. If you’re just freshening up your uniform, perhaps consider washing at 30°c.

We don’t recommend using the quick wash cycle on your machine as this won’t give the detergent enough time to work well enough.


We recommend allowing your quick-drying garments to air-dry to avoid wrinkling and to preserve the structure of the fabric over the long term.