The Story of La Beeby

For almost 30 years, we’ve had the immense pleasure of writing the story of La Beeby by your side… A story that places care, quality, inclusivity, and your needs at the heart of everything!

Doing a physical job, we understand you need to be protected and able to move freely without being restricted by your uniforms. At the same time, you need to uphold an image of professionalism, hygiene, safety, and trust. We’ve refined and perfected comfortable uniforms that will save you time and effort each morning and you’ll feel fabulous in all day long!

We’re passionate about our people and are proud to have become a leading uniform supplier. As a family-run business, we champion our tight knit team, and welcome all customers into the La Beeby family. Our friendly assistants are always on hand to help, whether you’re a college, salon, student or individual.