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Choosing Modern Beauty Uniforms: What To Look For

by La Beeby 24 Apr 2018
Choosing Modern Beauty Uniforms: What To Look For

There are three things you want from a beauty uniform: style, suitability and good stitching. It ought to be of great quality, yet cheap and easy to care for too. Fitted beauty uniforms should hit all of these aims. So the question is, are you happy with what you currently have?

From dresses to jumpsuits and a broad range of accessories, read on for La Beeby's opinion on what a uniform should do for you…

An element of surprise (and delight)

Beauty is your brand. Therefore, it's something to serve as an aspiration. Fitted uniforms can do just that. Your clients will be eager to see how you will transform them, based partly on how you've transformed yourself.

A pleated dress can stay formal whilst allowing your curves to shine. Cropped trousers have a more casual, summery feel, and look amazing when matched with open-toed shoes. These are miles away from stiff, shapeless beauty uniforms that don't inspire much of anything. With our range of modern beauty tunics there's a number of elegant tops to choose from, available in several colours to match your staff wardrobe. People who receive your treatments will do so with a smile on their face, assured that you're the real deal.

A small price tag, especially in bulk

You could be purchasing a uniform for yourself, or there might be 10, 20 or more beauticians on your payroll, each of whom requires their approved clothing. So why settle for dusty old providers who ask for too much cash? Consider how far beauty uniforms have developed in the last decade or so… You deserve the best on the market.

La Beeby are a fine example of where costs can be saved. All of our products are very reasonable – cheap, we daresay – and that' great news for your bank balance. Only one of our items exceeds £40. We also have a discount system that slashes more off your bill when you buy in bulk. Delivery is also free when you spend over £75. Small price tags are our promise to you, so you can rest assured that you're getting amazing quality for great value.

Convenience and comfort

As stylish as fitted beauty uniforms can be, they also have to stay wearable throughout the day. We all know that things can heat up when you're working for hours at a time… Yet modern beauty clothing can keep you cool, comfortable and motivated for each shift.

Polycotton fabrics are the ones to go for, as they exhibit the stretchy, quick-dry qualities of polyester with the colour retention and strength of cotton. However, for hotter environments (such as a spa), polyester is fine by itself – as long as the designs meet top standards.

Beauty uniforms aren't a catch-all purchase. There's a lot to analyse when you're looking to update your wardrobe because it seems dated, frumpy and devoid of a personal touch. Contact La Beeby to solve your wardrobe woes before they start to add up.

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