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The Great Makeup Debate – How Much Is Too Much?

by La Beeby 23 Jan 2018
The Great Makeup Debate – How Much Is Too Much?

What is appropriate for beauty uniform? Looking at an outfit, we might consider a well-cut salon tunic, a jumpsuit, or a beauty dress that doesn't ride too short on the thighs. That's just clothing, though. Most women also prefer to add a layer of makeup before they start the working day.

But how far to take it – and whether too much makeup can overreach for the effect you're craving – is close to the heart of La Beeby's fashion creed. By following these tips, you'll stay natural whilst retaining a little extra for that magical, professional appearance. We're going through the elements, one at a time…

The eyeline

'Smokey eyes' are a well-known crutch. Some people do really suit them, but we'd argue that it can be a bit overkill for the workplace. The trick is to make the corneas and pupils appear magnetic without creating two huge, dark circles that can be spotted twelve feet away.

With that in mind, try adding discreet touches of liner to the waterline. Draw it thinly on the lower part of the eye, starting on the halfway point farthest from the nose. Make the lashes a little fuller on the top to give a more definition. One coat will do before you thicken the upper section with lash tint. A hint of metallic colouring, like emerald or copper, can be a very striking finish.

The lips

As a rule, the eyes and lips should't clash – nude shades are best for a mouth that isn't trying to compete with anything else in your makeup routine. Neutral rose and plum are two other great choices for letting the lips stand out just enough, depending on your skin tone.

We'd advise against gloss, because too much shine can look a little fake, and your business is (we're guessing) aiming for a smooth display of elegance. In the same vein, bright red can be overpowering. Stick to more muted colours if you want a subtle style.

The skin

Too many women go overboard with foundation, powder and blusher. It can show up quite noticeably under salon lighting or the halogen glow of a display stall. So consider how you can lessen the drama of your make-up essentials, especially when it comes to shading.

Contouring powder is good for accentuating your cheekbones, but be sure – again – not to overdo it. Suck your cheeks in to find the lines you should be focusing on. An angled brush can then fleck those spaces with a shade that's approximately two or three shades lighter than your skin tone.

When shopping for beauty uniform, remember that less can be more in terms of your makeup. One should complement the other, not grab attention solely for itself. La Beeby have dozens of refined picks for the beauty professional, including accessories, that allow your look to flourish in a business capacity. They're trim, fun and fashionable – contact us for more tips or suggestions.

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