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The Lowdown On Trendy Beauty Uniforms

by La Beeby 30 Nov 2017
The Lowdown On Trendy Beauty Uniforms

Sick of dull, washed-out beauty tunics? How about a collection of plain white or black salon wear, chafing against your style sensibility? We have the same misgivings about beauty uniforms that don’t offer much of on-trend aesthetic. Luckily, the industry is branching out with designs, cuts and colouring that can help you stand out.

La Beeby is the home of trendy beauty uniforms in the UK. To prove it, we’re going to look at a few of our most popular outfits, and how they might fit into your wardrobe…

A 'wrap' effect

Funky salon uniforms go beyond the regular, buttoned-up mould. A recent favourite amongst our style connoisseurs is the Amie wrap-around tunic, tied at the side of your waist for an image that reminds us of Far Eastern clothing.

There’s something simple and refreshing about a lack of buttons or zips. The wrap-tunic can flatter any figure thanks to its knotted tie, which loosens or tightens to the body, however much you prefer. Lining on the chest helps the eye linger on the minimal design as it sweeps across to the left of your uniform. It’s sleeveless too, so you can pair it with a brighter, striped shirt underneath if you want a quirkier effect.

Open-neck cuts and crystals

None of us want to be too conservative when dashing about a beauty environment. Younger people, especially, may prefer a more freeing piece of top wear. Trendy beauty uniforms don’t come much better than the Karla tunic – an open-necked stunner that manages to leave a V shape on the collarbone.

Furthermore, as unusual beauty uniforms go, the sense of glamour is supported by a dash of diamante crystals on either side of the neck notch. You or your staff will look incredible for hairdressing, masseuse, makeup or spa work. Take an even more effervescent step forward by going for the Coco dress, featuring the same V-esque cut, yet adding textural layers at the waist for a floral impression.

A unique sort of jumpsuit…

Many women are in love with the jumpsuit. It’s a floaty, irrepressibly comfortable form of beauty wear, and we’ve found your ideal pick in the Audrey take on this clothing favourite.

Again, funky salon uniforms should discard what people think they know about how a professional should dress. Jumpsuits, in contrast to the straight-and-narrow tunic/trouser combo, speak of confidence in your hips, as large pockets typically define this part of the body more than others. And although they can seem plain, from a distance, that’s not what we prefer. The Audrey style has cross-stitched seams around the waistband for a belt-esque visual.

However you square it, unusual beauty uniforms show that you’re chic, creative and unable to tame a passion for fashion! Soon enough, your customers will throw a few compliments your way, which’ll snowball into a real admiration for your beauty wear choices on the job.

Ready to revamp your wardrobe? Shop at La Beeby’s online store now, or take a moment to speak with our advisory team, if you’re in a rut for trendy beauty uniforms.

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