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Tugging At The Purse Strings? How To Spend Less This Christmas

by La Beeby 29 Nov 2018
Tugging At The Purse Strings? How To Spend Less This Christmas

Many of us look forward to this time of year, but it is – undeniably – a little nerve-wracking too. Winter tends to bring with it an increase in our spending habits, amongst all the festive events and gift-giving.

It’s easy for us to get carried away – there’s always a reason to rein in the cost of the season until Christmas. With that in mind, let’s look at some smart methods for keeping your spending under control.

Create a budget and stick to it

It’s the most obvious point, but many of us still leave a budget to assumption, instead of listing what we can and can’t spend.

Calculate what you’re able to afford, and which people you’re willing to spend the most on. Research the general cost of the items you’re hoping to buy, and compare that against the cash you have, tweaking your gift ideas or budget if necessary. Then stay the course. Don’t waver from the plan; if possible, set a reminder on your phone when shopping, displaying the maximum spend that day.

Don’t forget food or drink either! Make a headcount of those who are staying for the season and predict what you’ll need for not only the main meals, but snacks and puddings too.

Make your own gifts

Glossy store shelves can tempt us to buy their festive cards, yet it’s probably cheaper – and definitely more personal – to design your own. You don’t need to be a genius with a paintbrush either; a simple drawing or collage can deliver the right message. If you have children, why not bring them on board too for the snipping, gluing and calligraphy?

Presents can also be fashioned at home to save money. Calendars, scarves, decorations, photo albums and more can be built from scratch. You’ll find a wealth of information online so that you can research the best techniques. Again, it’s a great family exercise. Experiment with a new skill and it may surprise you…

Use all the deals and sales on offer

Black Friday is just the beginning of the Christmas price cuts. Wherever we look, either online or in store, there’s a host of amazing deals to be had. Brands will launch them periodically, so it’s worth keeping one eye on them if you have something specific in mind – otherwise you could easily miss a flash sale. Pages like this provide decent forecasts for what’s coming up.

La Beeby’s own sale page is just one place you can shop for gifts to maximise that budget of yours. Our customers get 10% off their next order, too, when they subscribe to our newsletter. Similar deals can be found all over the internet, in addition to limited-time codes, vouchers, and bulk order discounts. In the latter case, we have a special beauty uniforms policy: free delivery when you spend more than £75 on our range.

So our advice is to try and enjoy the season with a cool head; a little careful thinking will get you far in such a hectic period! Speak to La Beeby, as ever, if you have any questions about our beauty uniforms or accessories.

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