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5 Tips You Need To Know Before Starting Beauty College

by La Beeby 23 Sep 2019
5 Tips You Need To Know Before Starting Beauty College

You’ve done some course prep. Browsed every page on the college’s website. Maybe taken a tour in real life. Now that school is about to begin, what next? What’s worth knowing before day one? Well, here’s some insight from our gurus. These five suggestions are bound to help you get the most from your time at beauty college.

Be conscious of people skills

It seems like common sense, but beauty college is as much about learning the art of customer service as it is learning how to deliver the beauty services themselves. When tough days happen – and they will, at some stage – it’s good to practise techniques and coping strategies. They can help you deal with anything that could get in the way of your work.

Look at how your lecturers deal with tough situations. Imitate them, and practise ways to be calm under pressure. Listening skills are important too – commit to making notes if you aren’t doing so already, as it helps a lecture sink in.

Clean and prepare your tools

Remember missing a pen or pencil at school? Rocking up without your beauty gear is ten times worse. Every student has their own equipment preferences and so everyone’s toolkit has its own quirks – a backup set might not be ideal.

Spare 10 minutes the night before to lay out and pack your utensils. Remember to clean them regularly; hygiene is central to client care, and you’d be surprised how much a dirty makeup brush can blunt your treatments.

Attend every speaker or showcase event

During your time at college, there’ll be a range of special events to attend, so why not commit to as many of them as you can?

Check the beauty calendar regularly to see what’s happening. Then go, take notes, and network. You’ll pick up fresh styles as well as business expertise. From running a YouTube channel to mobile clinics, colour matches and emerging products, you’ll find knowledge here that may never be as easily available again.

Chat to more advanced students

Aside from industry mentors, you have another resource down the hall – other trainee beauticians nearing the end of their course.

Take the opportunity to speak to them when you can. Ask them what they’ve found most difficult, and any strategies they used to help them out in the early days.

Buy a professional beauty uniform

Every student has to look the part. Dresses, tunics, trousers and jumpsuits can bring out your inner stylist, while still being appropriate for the job. La Beeby have dozens of market-leading beauty uniforms to flaunt what makes you special.

In fact, we have a portal for trainees, La Beeby Academy, so you can find and afford the right outfit. This is an important investment and we want you to make a choice you’re 100% happy with.

Speak to a member of the team for any style advice. Or take a peek at the rest of our student guides for more inspo.
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