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5 Ways to Warm Up The Salon This Winter

by La Beeby 18 Dec 2018
5 Ways to Warm Up The Salon This Winter

There’s nothing better than visiting the salon for a calming treatment. But cold winter air can easily ruin the experience. If customers aren’t warm enough, their relaxation is disrupted, and they may even leave bad feedback on review sites or social media channels. And any team members won’t be happy either…

Thankfully, your salon can be easily warmed up — even in the depths of winter — with these tips…

1. Introduce fan-assisted heaters

The entrance door will be swinging all day long, making it difficult to not let the cold air in. Therefore, it’s important to make the space as warm as possible. Fan-assisted heaters are ideal, allowing the warmth to blow all around the salon.

Just make sure to position them away from any areas of heat loss. It could be an idea to situate a team member near the salon door too, so as to guarantee that it will be open for the minimum possible time.

2. Put candles on display

Adding accessories enhances the salon’s backdrop, and candles have the dual benefit of providing a great source of heat. The De-Stress candle will help any person who enters the salon feel cosy and tranquil, no matter what their day has been like.

Or you could opt for the Sleep Well travel therapy candle. The calming fragrance blend of lavender, chamomile, palmarosa, ho wood, geranium and ylang ylang will ensure revitalisation in the salon.

3. Think about drinks and staff lunches

Heated liquid instantly warms up customers and workers alike. With the chilly air making the drinks cool quicker, people will sip up more swiftly. This means scheduling in regular brew rounds!

Hot food has a similar effect. There are even foods that can help regulate temperature without being warmed up, such as chillies and onions. Ensuring the foods consumed are healthy will increase energy levels, and so team members will have the vigour to work. If you’re holding a Secret Santa, then it’s the ideal time to buy someone a healthy cookbook!

4. Encourage exercise

Lots of salon work involves rushing around, but there are many treatments that require plenty of staying still too, like manicures. So try to introduce tasks that involve exercise, for yourself or for others, to increase blood flow and get those muscles working.

This could be as simple as doing stretches. Or you could take regular breaks where you walk or jog on the spot. You could even get an under-the-desk exercise bike to pedal whilst sitting down. This could be offered to customers to use freely too, creating a quirky USP for the salon!

5. Wear warm salon workwear

The salon will feel much cooler if you and your team members are exposing skin to fresh air. There’s a range of salon workwear options available that allow for a stylish and professional look, whilst warming up the body.

You could choose beauty trousers to keep the legs comfortably toasty. Or go one step further than this with a beauty jumpsuit that ensures no skin between tops and trousers goes bare. If you want to layer up, the versatile wrap tunic keeps temperature levels high and allows you to integrate your own style. This makes them perfect salon workwear.

With these tips implemented, you can ensure your workplace remains warm throughout winter. However, the variety of salon workwear on offer can make for some difficult decision-making.

La Beeby would be more than happy to help with this. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss the best items to keep it snug at the salon.

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