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How To Combat The Winter Blues In Your Salon

by La Beeby 11 Dec 2019
How To Combat The Winter Blues In Your Salon

Winter is here. The nights are longer, and the frost has made its grand entrance. But along with the cold front comes something which affects 1 in 3 people in the UK: seasonal depression.

The winter holidays are one of the busiest periods for salons. With many people seeking some self-care ahead of Christmas, the working hours can be long. But it’s essential that you create a warm and inviting environment for both your customers and staff. Here are just a few ways to keep everyone feeling happier over the colder months.

Let in natural light

The shorter days can take their toll on your staff. The lack of vitamin D, along with the chill, can drain the energy out of many. One way to combat this is to declutter the areas around your windows to allow more natural light into your salon.

If your space is particularly dark, invest in a lamp that mimics sunlight. Not only will it uplift your spirits, but it can also be used to flawlessly match the right makeup to your client’s skin tone. Lighting could cost you the difference between a recommendation and a complaint.

Get moving to music

Standing up all day can have an effect on your physical wellbeing and make you feel exhausted at night. A quick solution to this is to research ways to improve posture, and find five-minute exercises that you and your employees can do anywhere.

Crank up the tunes and bring life back into your salon between bookings. Keep your staff awake and alert by encouraging movement and stretches in time to the music.

Offer healthy snacks

’Tis the season of chocolate and cake. Even though comfort food can feel like a necessity during the winter months, healthy eating is still essential to maintain your physical and mental health.

Why not introduce a free fruit bowl to your premises, which staff can snack on throughout the day? You can’t control what they eat, but promoting healthier alternatives in your salon will hopefully inspire them to swap out some of their food at home.

Plan seasonal socials

The holidays can be stressful for those in the service industry. Your staff will need something to look forward to… Luckily, wintertime offers a range of activities you can get involved in. Whether it be a visit to the markets or local ice rink, or even a meal, planning an event to thank your staff at the end of the year will motivate them through the tougher days.

You could also hold friendly competitions to drive sales, and even organise a Secret Santa gift exchange. By creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere, your staff will be more likely to put the effort into the final stretch.

Comfort is key

Few things are better than feeling good in the clothes you’re in. But who says you can’t have style and comfort? From salon tunics to hairdressing dresses and jumpsuits, keep your staff looking the part without compromising on warmth.

Our pieces here at La Beeby are perfect for layering up – simply add long tops or leggings underneath and keep Jack Frost at bay. You’ll give your employees the chance to show off their personality by having a work uniform that can be paired with any outfit.

Need help deciding what beauty workwear is best for your salon and staff? You’ve come to the right place. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect uniforms to match your brand. Just ask a member of our team today.
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