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Keep your Salon Service on Trend: 3 Easy Steps

by Adrienne Walker 24 Apr 2023
Keep your Salon Service on Trend: 3 Easy Steps

Why are trends important in business? They determine which services survive… Whether you run a business focusing on cosmetics, haircare, or skincare services within the beauty industry, all require you to showcase what it is that’s unique about your expertise – your talent, skill, and appliances – whilst aligning these with changing trends in the market.


A recent survey carried out on over 1500 beauty professionals and their customers found that a calm, friendly, relaxing environment is still essential to keeping your business afloat. But beyond this, business owners and specialists must now implement new strategies to bring products and services directly to clients to stay ahead of the curve!

With just how rampant the beauty industry has become; the best industry professionals will ask themselves every year: what are the changing trends of beauty salons and styles? And, more importantly, how can I adapt to them?

Social media has taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to boosting revenue in the beauty industry. So, more specifically, what is the best way to boost salon marketing? Well, Instagram account grids act as a visual reflection of a brand – available to view and engage with 24 hours around the clock. Social media is now where popularity begins and grows in the world of beauty services, with customer account shoutouts playing a huge role in attracting new custom.

Further down the funnel, social media can easily help build customer connectedness and create a community that beauty professionals can be proud of. All it takes is a few clicks and you’re placing your salon at the forefront of your customers’ minds – whether they be in the car, at work. It’s genius!

Some of our standout social media suggestions are to, a) add a link to book an appointment in your bio and b) create shoppable posts – both of which will free up your staff’s time for more important, hands-on work to be done around the salon!


Firstly, ensure that your chosen salon style is empowering, comfortable, and professional for all staff. When your client sees how put-together and stylish you appear, they’ll have faith that you’ll do the same for them. Take to social media to showcase your matching team and you’re onto a winner!

Salon tunics and trousers are always a popular choice when it comes to best fit, all-day-comfort and keeping all your staff’ needs met. Take it from one of our repeat customers:

“like the Nina tunic as we wanted to present our staff in a different and identifiable way, and the feedback from our clients is that the carers are much more professionally presented.” - Andrew

It’s amazing what a La Beeby uniform can do for your business! Be even more accommodating by offering a dress option for those who prefer a one-piece design.

And why not match your chosen uniform colour with your salon interior wall shade or accented features? There’s so much fun you can have building your beauty business!


Last year, over 1 in 4 beauty or wellness treatment customers bought retail products from salons or spas – and beauty businesses now reveal that half or more of their revenue comes from selling secondary retail products.

This leads us to our all-time favourite social media feature… We just LOVE seeing your personable content. Such as, your livestreams of product reviews, and your tutorials of your favourite makeup looks – we’re sure these segments will keep your customers engaged, too!


Since the pandemic, this is an important one to end on! 25% of customers now expect a contactless card payment option in salons – with no desire to be exchanging physical cash or manhandling a card machine. Customers now expect a faff-free, germ-free payment option with contactless card or smartphone methods. It’s your responsibility to allow for this seamless customer journey, right up until payment, to keep up with the trends!

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To conclude, digital tools are now at the forefront for beauty professionals to build and grow their business, in an ever evolving and increasingly competitive era for beauty businesses!

Any questions on what we’ve covered here? We’re ready to guide you through an inspirational work wardrobe. Speak to a member of our team today.
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