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Mobile Beauty or Beauty Salon – Making a Decision

by La Beeby 29 Sep 2017
Mobile Beauty or Beauty Salon – Making a Decision

In the beauty industry, we like to have big ideas, including the prospect of taking hair, nail, spa or masseuse services on the road. Mobile beauty salons are a popular tract for today’s hardworking female entrepreneurs to venture towards.

Yet – as any seasoned beauty professional will tell you – there’s also merit in sticking to one, established HQ. You may be torn between either camp, unsure where you fit…

Follow us, then, as we explore the pros and cons of each. Hopefully they’ll give you a firmer view of what form your business may take.

Beauty salon – Expansive and dependable prospects

Beauty venues are much more than bricks, mortar and a lick of paint. They represent a shift in mood for anyone who passes through the door; as soon as a customer is in your salon, surrounded by prim, well-dressed staff, they’ll retreat to a feeling of utter calm, looking forward to their treatment. It’s a physical change that sends a message: ‘You are somewhere special.’

Local customers will come back for that same impression, as well as the work you’ll deliver. Seeing friendships blossom amongst your team and their clientele is incredibly satisfying. It’s also a good means to stake your claim on a community – the beauty salon is a valued part of our high streets, and anyone passing by can sample your services if they wish. When you’re reaping a healthy profit, then you can buy other venues and expand fairly quickly.

The downside, of course, rests mainly on the overheads you’ll accrue: utilities, rent, equipment hire and insurance. Aside from that, a salon has strict opening times to follow, so people know when you’re available. If there’s a 9am-6:30pm protocol, for instance, it must be adhered to, or else your reputation will suffer.

Mobile beauty – Freedom and a personalised service

Turning to the mobile opportunity, we see other, distinct advantages, many of which stem from the nature of bringing treatment to a client wherever they happen to be.

Some people are far more appreciative of a beauty regime that can fit around their lifestyle, whether that’s socially hectic, strung with professional demands, or fond of home comforts. If you’ve marketed yourself well, then a bespoke, high-level beauty practice can charge a premium to visit customers at any location (the office, their home etc.), and flit between a varied run of assignments.

You’ll avoid any rent/maintenance payments for a premises; the most you’ll have to cover is travel costs, buying the tools, and help with the accounts if you need it. Yet a mobile beauty salon is perhaps most useful for the flexibility – there are no demands forcing you to work when you don’t want to. The caveat, as we might guess, is the increased difficulty of establishing a brand people trust, alongside risking peaks and troughs in your workload.

Understanding yourself is the first step to understanding your business. There is no right or wrong answer to the salon debate; La Beeby, however, can provide the finest, luxuriant salon beauty uniforms when you’re ready to make a decision. Our range of tunics, trousers and beautician dress wear can lift your workwear higher, projecting a confident, inspiring image for customers…

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