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10 Reasons Why Students Should Wear Uniforms

by Adrienne Walker 10 Jun 2024
10 Reasons Why Students Should Wear Uniforms

Are you looking for tunics that can help empower students throughout their college journey and into the professional world? We hear you; we see you, and we care too!

So, here are 10 all-important reasons why beauty & wellness students should absolutely wear uniforms!


First impressions matter! Student uniform sets a professional, trust-worthy tone with students’ exam models. When they see students looking after their own health and appearance, they feel more confident that they can do the same thing for them. This, of course, could ultimately lead to securing future clientele!


Students leave college to enter into a variety of different salons with different uniform expectations. Setting this expectation as early as possible, is absolutely key to a higher success rate after graduating.


“You have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and you have to start doing the work you want to be doing.” – Austin Kleon.

Enough said!


Be sure to choose a student uniform provider that offers inclusive, varied, well-rounded designs that can be tailored to everyone’s needs. Because students work at their best when they feel their best – and every student deserves that!  

That’s why we offer our tunics from sizes 4 to 32 – so you can find your perfect fit. Whether you're a student, beautician, hairdresser, spa professional, business owner – every-body deserves to feel confident at work.

Take it from some of our customers:

Lovely fitting light soft tunic & trousers, accurate sizing and good quality. – Hannah

Great tunic and lovely quality. Sizing is good a 14 is a 14! – Tracey

I have been using LaBeeby for our students for a while now and find the staff friendly and helpful, quality of uniforms is always good, reasonably priced and designs are on trend.  – Anon

Here at La Beeby, we care too. About you, about your pupils, about body image. You can see our comprehensive size guide & body type guide for more information.


Why not take the opportunity to customise your student uniform with your brand logo – to really get your name out there! If you’ve not tried this already, it’s a great way of promoting your service, while making your students feel truly at home.

Luckily, our fabric is designed to be the perfect base for if you decide to go down this route! This way, your students also know where to go to start up their own brand when they graduate. A win-win.


Who doesn’t love saving a bit of time in the AM! There’s nothing like having everything ready to throw on, right before taking on the morning rush.

Providing compulsory student uniform is a fantastic way to facilitate this perk for your pupils.


What student actually enjoys doing laundry? Long, varied college days must come hand-in-hand with short at-home duties.

Simply wash at up to 60 degrees – for a uniform that can stand up to your demands, day after day. See more about our washing recommendations here.


Made to stay looking pristine with very little effort, our salon & spa uniforms are perfect for the student life. Using a carefully made soft-touch fabric containing hydrophobic fibres, it’s anti-warping, anti-shrinkage, colour-fast, quick-drying and wrinkle resistant. Just wash, hang to dry and your uniform will be ready to wear within hours. Super!


When uniform is compulsory – anywhere – no one can be judged on the quality of their clothes. This way, everyone can be treated with mutual care. Meanwhile, day-to-day attention can remain on skill development, as opposed to personal styling choices.


Last, but by no means least, it’s no secret that uniforms can unite teams and foster healthy workplace bonds. Especially if the uniform is branded to your liking – students can really feel part of a close-knit, family unit in a learning environment where lifelong business partnerships could blossom.  


Designed for students and course leaders, we have a wide range of shades that work well with various brand colours and your interior scheme. This way, you can find whatever you’re looking for, while offering a truly student-centric approach. Making for the perfect opportunity to help enhance learning experiences!

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