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Why The 1970s Are Stayin’ Alive For Beauty Dress

by La Beeby 03 Nov 2017
Why The 1970s Are Stayin’ Alive For Beauty Dress

It was the decade of flares, neck medallions and John Travolta, but the 1970s are swinging back into our style consciousness once more. In recent months, we’ve been noticing a resurgence in classic 70s-esque designs on catwalks and high street ranges around the UK.

We’re delighted by the trend… there’s a sense of pure, imaginative freedom to this sort of clothing. It’s led us to think how beauty dress – whether as a solopreneur or part of a wider brand – can keep up with this must-have look.

Here’s how you might start supplementing that work wardrobe with some 1970s-inspired fashion.

High trousers and cut-off tops

Long, wide-legged trousers are a highpoint of the boho-chic aesthetic. Haven’t heard of it before? That’s fine – it’s just a byword for cultured, semi-glamorous hippies who wanted a feeling of refinement. To this end, high-waisted bottom wear came into vogue.

La Beeby has a few great trousers in a similar design. The ankle cuts may be quite slim, but it’s made up for (in the 70s context) by a plush, lengthy fit. A plum-coloured Macy pair could be just what you’re searching for.

Bold, earthy tonal choices

The 1950s was synonymous with floral patterns; the 60s had crazed splashes of psychedelia to call its own. Yet the 1970s experimented most prominently with earth-like shades of orange, brown, beige and buttercup yellow. These colours, when struck with a contrast, made way for a challenging tonal concept, all the better to show off liberated social attitudes for women of the age.

Take their inspiration forward with an exterior belt in your beauty uniform. An orange tunic, for instance, will look imminently groovy with a brown line running just above the hips. Alternatively, play with colours that offset each other for the tunic/trouser combo, such as burgundy vs. cream.

Ostentatious hair and makeup

It’s hard to venerate the 1970s without dredging up the ghost of disco. While it was, admittedly, subject to a lot of fashion disasters, there’s a basic goal we can bring into 2017/18 – the desire to be brash, showy and eager to prove that we’re ready for any schedule, even those that take us late into the night.

Modernising the disco look for a beauty brand, then, can be achieved with large, buoyant hairstyles and dabs of metallic makeup i.e. coppers, silvers and golds. Below this facial attention, we can adopt a gorgeous Coco dress to create the fine angles of eveningwear. Despite their luxury appearance, they’ve been made for beauty professionals; an incredible dress that acts as a soft, unrestricting garment for whatever you do day-to-day.

Like the needle of a record, fashion has a habit of rising and settling in a familiar position – as a valued provider of beauty uniforms in the UK, that’s the challenge we love to face. Breaking fresh ground is easier when you have the skills to identify what works, and what doesn’t, about imitative trends. La Beeby is your source for fantastic uniforms; your brand, certainly, will certainly be stayin’ alive for a long time to come…

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