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A Look Ahead To Black Friday: How Will You Take Part?

by La Beeby 14 Nov 2017
A Look Ahead To Black Friday: How Will You Take Part?

From November 24th, the UK is going to be stuck in a buying scrum like no other. Ever since we imported it from America, Black Friday has been a wild, competitive bid for the biggest sales offers of the year. Tens of thousands of businesses are going to be cutting prices across their range of skills, services or products for a specified period.

Your beauty brand needs to get on-board too – there’s no sense being left in the commercial doldrums. But how will you prepare? What’s going to entice people the most?

Here, La Beeby is going to suggest some strategies for the run-up…

Stoke excitement on social media

Hairdressers, nail/makeup artists and spas need to have a strong web presence. The best conversations start on social media, where you can reach any prospects directly as they talk about your business. Once you have an idea of the deals you want to promote, use the build-up to Black Friday to count down the reveal – sustained tweets, posts and shares, all building to a ‘X% off Y from midnight on the 24th!’

Good hashtagging will add you to the wider promotional efforts: combine #blackfriday2017 with #beauty, #(your location) etc. to maximise your exposure to the right audience.

Consider your specialisms

A beauty professional has to be savvy with their timekeeping. If you offer one procedure, but it takes hours to finish up, then leave it on the veritable back-burner for Black Friday deals. The aim of the ‘holiday’, from your perspective, is to make as much cash as possible within this limited period.

To do this, we have to capitalise on the surge in requests. A big, all-consuming beauty assignment is going to work against the numbers game i.e. it’ll mean you can’t offer smaller, swifter treatments at 20% or 30% off, which – if they’re done properly in quick succession – will bring you a higher return figure overall.

Get the staffing, organisation and presentation right

When battle stations commence, it’s only right to give the very best impression. Customers won’t want to wait in a queue for more than half an hour so they can sit and get a spa-taster. Likewise, disorganised equipment is going to sink your efforts to do a good job; you and/or your team have to realise where everything is, necessary for the assignments you’re going to pull off.

So pre-plan for staffing (who’s going to be there, when shifts begin and end), an accurate inventory, the new cost list for reference, and capacity for a certain number of beauty customers at any one time.

Lastly, we also suggest picking up a refreshed batch of beauty uniforms, if you haven’t done this for a while. Presentation, after all, is key – clients will want to see you at your best, breezing through the Black Friday pressure. You can head to La Beeby’s online store for a raft of tunics, spa trousers, jumpsuits and more, ready for the spotlight that’ll swing onto your brand.

We’re going to be taking part in Black Friday ourselves; keep an eye out for details over the coming weeks. Until then, get planning your own deals ahead of the excitement this November!

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