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4 Beauty Goals To Set For The New Year

by La Beeby 02 Jan 2018
4 Beauty Goals To Set For The New Year

You've made the most of Christmas and New Year, and now you're ready to bounce back from festive fatigue. So as a beauty professional, how are you going to kick off 2018? It is, as ever, the perfect excuse to make some changes for the future of your brand.

To inspire you, here are a few top goals to shoot for. Some or all of them may be high on the hit-list for the next 12 months. Your business deserves good fortune; with our help, you'll stick to the plan for a buoyant beauty venture.

1. Expand your regional focus

Most beauty professionals tend to stay localised at first. But if you're looking back on 2017 and wondering how to better your performance, why not look further afield? 2018 could be the year to move forward into other pockets of the UK…

Start by researching local keywords ('affordable hairdresser in Birmingham', for example) that might direct online marketing. Find platforms, links and communities that'll spread your new name on the block. Consider franchising, or see where funds can be poured into occasional pop-up stalls for a foot in the door.

2. Rethink web or social branding

It takes a lot of effort to cut through the noise of digital media and snare a customer. Furthermore, very few websites are totally fault-free – they can usually be improved, whether that's in terms of the look, layout or ideas you're sharing on pages and blogs.

Sit down and approach the brand as if you're seeing it for the first time. Ask around for other opinions: How does this make you feel? Where can I sound sharper on social media? Metrics are useful, but change can come from an honest reappraisal of where the branding may fall short.

3. Start an intern programme

One of the soundest ways to supercharge what you're capable of is getting an intern on-board. Plenty of college and university students are keen to get a handle on what it's like to work for a beauty business. By offering a three-to-four-week internship, you can sniff out a potential hire whilst gaining much-needed assistance.

You'll need to factor in costs such as lunch or travel allowances, but it's a cost-effective way to grow your team with up-and-coming professionals. Internships bolster your leadership skills whilst giving young, starry-eyed beauty talents the space to prove themselves.

4. Seek a new beauty uniform provider

This is where we come in: La Beeby are a safe bet for a stunning work wardrobe! The displeasures of ugly, staid, ill-fitting clothes don't have a place in your 2018 playbook. At our store you'll find spa tunics, therapy dress, shoes and accessories, and a salon jumpsuit or two for any chic beauty shift.

Browse today and get free delivery on orders over £75. Whether it's just for you, or a whole team of professional stylists, there's no point holding off while the New Year flies into a hectic pace. Call us for advice or suggestions, and make 2018 the time for workwear dreams to come true.
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