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How Beauty Uniforms Protect Your Image At Work

by La Beeby 12 Feb 2018
How Beauty Uniforms Protect Your Image At Work

The image of success – what does it look like? Some beauty entrepreneurs would say it is a natural, debutante look from their own wardrobe; perhaps even to the extent that they wear their own clothes to work, swapping outfits through the day.

Obviously, personal style should be mirrored closely in what you wear on-shift… But a beauty uniform can still deliver the visual, practical and flexible goods without ripping your own items off the hanger. You don't need to wear your weekend things to look fabulous.

Need some convincing? Read on for reasons to choose a proper beauty uniform.

They shrug off stains and spills

By returning to a clinic, spa or salon each week, you're exposing yourself to powders, oils, paints and candle wax. These are incredibly damaging to clothing – at least the typical kind. Without a proper spa uniform, for instance, you run the risk of irreparably damaging the garments you love.

Contact with a thick lipstick or bubbling face mask can stain those materials very easily. Uniforms, on the other hand, are designed from fabrics that resist such effects. They preserve your fashion sense whilst remaining spotless, on the whole, when navigating a beauty environment.

Accidents happen, of course – a dropped blusher on the knee is bound to leave a mark. Yet you can wash the clothing immediately, if you have to, and change into another pair of tunics/trousers or a beauty dress. There may be another three or four outfits to try on. Assuming they have a similar style, you aren't going to remerge with a totally different aesthetic i.e. the perils of changing quickly into your home wardrobe.

They save money and the threat of degradation

Heavy use will make clothes fall apart over time. It's impossible to avoid this, which is why clothes for your social life should stay in their own, separate style hemisphere. Work garments are going to bear the pressure of the job. Don't put your favourite luxury items in the firing line of a stressful day. Tears, rips and holes are bound to crop up fairly quickly if you're moving between clients or around a venue for hours on end.

The alternative to wearing fitted uniforms is spoiling the stuff you treasure, and forking out hundreds of pounds for a substitute. Beauty uniforms like ours are very reasonably priced. For a full week's worth of clothing, you'll be spending a fraction of the cost, whilst still owning a high-fashion sensibility. Opting to just wear your 'regular' clothes will be far more expensive when sourcing new items for your work gear.

La Beeby are adamant about saving the flashiest, most impressive pieces in your possession for the times they can shine on their own terms. For professional matters, a spa uniform, beauty therapist tunic and other forms of clothing are much more suited to what you require – namely, an eye-catching garment that never scrimps on material protection or cost efficiency.

Call us for suggestions regarding your work wardrobe, which has been hand-picked by our style experts.
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