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The Best Hairstyles To Flaunt At Work In 2018

by La Beeby 26 Feb 2018
The Best Hairstyles To Flaunt At Work In 2018

Spring is here: you've set your style goals for the rest of the year, and are thinking about refreshing your wardrobe to suit it. But what about your hair? We can debate the finer details of our beauty uniforms, yet ignore a (literal) change in our roots.

From the pixie cut to shag fashion, 2018 is bringing us a slew of on-trend hair choices. To snip through the conjecture, we're suggesting which hairstyles are best for your beauty business, so that you can look amazing and work well at the same time.

Curtain bangs with a bun

The 'bang' look can certainly make some noise with the right beauty uniform beneath it. Although the late '90s/early 2000s were fond of the side-swept cut, curtain bangs are coming into fashion, topped off with a glorious bun.

Fringes are notoriously tricky to get right, and a lot of women shy away from them. Yet a pair of curtain bangs is versatile enough to be smart, casual or somewhere between. The bun is the finishing touch for a professional beauty environment.

Grown-out shags

The shag aesthetic is beloved of ladies who find the straight-and-narrow cut too plain and predictable. With this trend, you'll be adding plenty of textural heft to your hair for that just-woke-up look.

But don't assume that makes for a messy impression. With a variety of smart beauty uniforms to contrast your look, customers may find the unaffected sensibility you're trying to court charming.

The much-loved lob

2017 was the Year of the Lob. Haven't caught up to speed yet? It's basically the next phase of the bob cut, resting on your collarbones instead of around the jawline. 2018 isn't showing a slowdown in lob fashion; if anything, it's stronger than ever, as more women are showing what they can do with colour and texturing.

If you're curly by nature, it might be easier to get your hair into shape during a morning routine. The lob should, ideally, be a tad longer at the front, and layer more towards the back to provide weight and balance.

Pixie hair for quick styling

Short hair can be liberating. This year, we're getting a sense that closely trimmed compositions are hitting the spot for beauty workers around the world. The pixie cut is awesome for women with thick hair, and playing with silver, burgundy or platinum-blonde tones can make up for lost length.

You may even prefer a pixie/bangs combination to frame your cheekbones. There's loads to explore with this hairstyle. Or any on our list, really; La Beeby are adamant that a modern taste can suit your beauty uniform, with some advice from our experts.

Call or message us for more inspiration. We have some new products available to match whichever cutting-edge hairstyle you go for.
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