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Dog Grooming Uniforms & You: Where To Start?

by La Beeby 26 Mar 2018
Dog Grooming Uniforms & You: Where To Start?

As a nation, we love our pets. There are over 8.5 million dogs in the UK according to a 2016 survey. On average, we spend £1,150 a year on making our pets feel cared for. That's why dog grooming is such a big business; more beauty workers are swapping their makeup box for coat-clippers, as they realise how lucrative this industry can be.

The thing is, you don't want to be barking up the wrong wardrobe – dog grooming uniforms are absolutely crucial to the job you'll perform. La Beeby have thought long and hard about what you need…

A material that shrugs off stray hairs

Try as you might, it's virtually impossible to avoid rubbing against the dog's fur when you're treating it. Hairs get everywhere: chest, legs, shoulders; even the very bottom of your trouser leg. Dog grooming uniforms should therefore have easy-clean fabrics, whatever the style, are important for staying fresh every morning when you turn up to the salon or client's pooch pad.

Polyester is one of the best materials for keeping a uniform free of hairs as you work. It isn't crinkled, abrasive or dense like a woollen/cotton outfit. Just brush any hair off when it starts to become noticeable. A cloth or a tape roller will do. Black will make a hair covering more noticeable, so we'd move towards a salon tunic in white, lilac or aqua blue.

Quick washing and drying properties

Dogs, like babies, are messy little creatures. We adore them, but they can slobber all over us at a moment's notice – ditto for having an 'accident' in the beauty parlour. You'll need a work arsenal that can cope with a lot of stains and surprises. Fast clean times are a must, along with fabrics that don't take long to iron. You'll retain a crisp, fresh look if you have to wash the uniform, as it'll be ready for wear again in a matter of hours.

Of course, that also suggests you buy a few backups outfits for emergencies. La Beeby are kind to those who purchase our tunics, beauty trousers and jumpsuits in bulk. Delivery is free on orders over £75. However, discounts scale up when you purchase five to 20 or more items. Dog grooming uniforms will be abundant in your salon scene, so you're never lacking a Plan B.

Style cuts that never settle for second best

Dog grooming is a glamorous job. People pay a lot of cash to see their poodle, staffie or lab looking its finest. So don't forget that you're meant to be a stylish prospect too… A wonderful, on-trend set of clothes will deliver this message, asking clients to trust in your visual techniques.

We have dozens of chic choices for what that might be. From sloping neckline and diamante dresses to the feel of salon trousers with slim-leg cut, La Beeby are a fashion resource that never runs out of steam.

We provide dog grooming uniforms for clinics, treatment teams and mobile setups across the UK. Speak to us for guidance on your pet pampering project. We know what you require for a brand that does what it says on the label, even if the customer has four legs instead of two.
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