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Put A Spring In Your Beauty Brand's Step This March

by La Beeby 16 Mar 2018
Put A Spring In Your Beauty Brand's Step This March

The evenings are getting brighter and the days are getting longer. Spring is a welcome shock to the senses, after so much cold and dullness – we love seeing everyone bursting with fresh energy when the season arrives!

You may want to give your beauty business a similar kick into a new atmosphere. From refreshed salon uniforms to updated décor, treatments and marketing material, these are La Beeby's suggestions for a springtime change in your profession….

Open up your workspace

No one wants to be in a dense, confined environment when the sun is shining outside. Mobile beauty clinics don't have to worry, because you can utilise the brighter areas of a market or client's house to perform your treatments. But other spaces – such as a salon, spa or nail parlour – need rejigging to let in the warm air and sunlight from outdoors.

Ensure your blinds or curtains are fully open. Take heavy rugs off the floors, to maximise the light, airy feel. Leave a door ajar if you can. Try to minimise the clutter between work surfaces, and consider swapping a regular door for a sliding screen that's partially opaque. Space and freedom of movement will help customers feel as if they are in a world of possibilities – which is exactly what spring represents!

Make seasonal offers

The Siberian spell of sofa blankets and comfort food is over; people want to look after their bodies again, now that they actually want to leave the house. What might you do to satisfy that request? Beauty salons can push their tanning services, opting for a nail/hair/skin treatment package deal whenever there's a big, local outdoor event. Spas, meanwhile, can buy a range of scented candles to infuse their space with the fresh aroma of the season.

Floral gifts are also very much in demand at this time. Send your most loyal customers a little potted plant in the post, with a personalised, handwritten note. It'll make a lovely gift that reminds them why you are a big part of their beauty regime.

Turn your beauty uniform inside out

We don't mean that literally, of course. An instant refresh of your uniforms can be achieved simply by thinking differently about how you pair colours, fabrics and bright finishes. La Beeby's beauty range is bursting with character.

A beauty dress, for instance, might be just what you need to feel reinvigorated with the shift in seasons. We can provide a pleated detail on the waist, or a diamante effect that'll sparkle with the daylight now streaming into your workspace. You'll also find salon tunics in sprightly shades of purple and teal amongst our collection, as well as trousers to match. Staying on the brighter side of the colour spectrum will give your spring décor a boost that lasts well into the summer months.

Call us to learn about buying bulk to save cash, or what each of our clothing items can bring to your branding. With La Beeby's help, you'll be on the fast track to a spring makeover, breathing new life into your beauty business in a way your customers will appreciate.
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