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Get Ready For Spring: 5 Fresh Salon Trends

by La Beeby 04 Mar 2020
Get Ready For Spring: 5 Fresh Salon Trends

Every year, the same challenge swings around: how can your beauty salon welcome in the light, freshness and warmth that springtime brings? There’s never one single answer; salon trends seem to come and go as quickly as the seasons. But guidance always helps. That’s why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for what’s coming in spring 2020.

Below, you’ll find five trends that could breathe new life into your business throughout March, April and May – both in terms of your service and the decoration of the salon itself.

Patina interiors

Metallic tones are still having a moment. This year, patinas are pegged for interiors around the world – which means your salon could take note and incorporate them too.

A patina is the visual ageing of copper, bronze and brass. It forms naturally with a film of greenish or bluish rust, but more furniture is being built with an artificial layer – and even polished wood can be treated to give a worn look. Spread it throughout your décor, and contrast the striking colours with neutral chairs and sofas.

Nature-inspired nails

Snakeskin’s resurgence has been unstoppable. This year, it seems to be taking off for nail designs – a deep red and bright scarlet finish, for instance, or green and yellow spots.

Floral nails – showcasing daffodils, roses, sunflowers and more – are another emerging and popular style. Experiment with different nail treatments every week. Expand your skill set, and market it.

Vintage lamps

There’s a new word on the interior scene. ‘Grandmillennials’ are people in their 20s and 30s who are obsessed with retro fashion. They covet things that, elsewhere, may be considered too kitsch. It’s a fine balancing act to include vintage elements in a beauty business, but one that can make a real impact.

A white or pale grey salon can look wholly new with a decorative, Victorian-style pink lamp as a statement in the seating area. Or, for overhead lights, you may want to look at tasselled lampshades in black and gold. Make the backdrop more cluttered if you can, with ornate mirrors and old-fashioned artwork, for a lived-in feel.

Throwback bangs

There’s a plethora of short haircuts on the horizon. From French bobs to the 1970s ‘shag’ look, it’s less about length and more about trims that are easy to manage.

Fringes, especially, are in for spring 2020. Cast as wide a net as you can for inspiration – from baby bangs to razor-sharp cuts. But don’t neglect lengthier styles altogether. Fringes that reach the eye are popular again too.

Straight-legged trousers

The definition of ‘smart’ trousers fluctuates from tight to wider fits. This season, the larger look has returned, which may influence your work uniform. You don’t have to go for typical spring colours either. Yellow, green and cream can be used for top wear while you choose something that’s earthy and darker.

We have a few pairs of salon trousers that can do the trick. La Beeby’s Lili design, for instance, has a looser-legged fit, accentuated by a higher waist. Pick from five colours including chocolate and plum, then match them to a few of our salon tunics.

A work uniform is an extension of you. But why not hit a few of the trends shaping spring 2020 at the same time? Contact us for more tips and style advice for in and around your salon.

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