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Got a Wedding Makeup Booking? Top Tips to Help the Big Day Run Smoothly

by La Beeby 08 Mar 2022
Got a Wedding Makeup Booking? Top Tips to Help the Big Day Run Smoothly

There’s no denying that wedding makeup can be one of the highest pressure bookings on the calendar. But despite this, it is certainly one of the most rewarding bookings too. You might have assisted a senior artist before, but for the first time doing it alone there’s certainly a lot to consider. Our handy guide will talk you through each step from preparation to styling to ensure the big day goes smoothly.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Preparation is key when it comes to wedding makeup. It’s always beneficial to do as much as you can in advance to make your job much easier, whether this be through makeup trials or booking skin enhancing treatments for the weeks before. Here’s some of our favourite ways to prep for success.

1. Lash lifts or extensions are a wonderful way of preventing any panda eyes or streaky faces, but make sure you keep it looking naturally glamorous. We love these more than strip or individual lashes because we know they won’t start to droop after a day full of emotions!

2. Recommend a course of skincare treatments for the 3 months leading up to the wedding. Hydrating and brightening treatments will ensure your bride is looking glowing before any makeup has even touched the skin, allowing for a less-is-more makeup look.

3. Perhaps the most important form of preparation is a makeup trial and consultation. Makeup trials allow you to experiment with what is going to look best on the bride, as well as allowing them to build confidence in your abilities. Every bride is different, so if something doesn’t look quite right, this is the ideal time to experiment with colours and formulas to get the perfect look with the longest wear time. It might also help to put samples of the products used away in a drawer too, so you can use exactly the same products and shades that you know will perform well.


Styling can seem tricky, but as long as you stick to a couple of key principles, you’ll be fine! Choose a look which keeps your bride looking like themselves, but on an elevated level. Try to match the style of makeup to the flowers, the gown and hairstyle to ensure a polished look. We’ve broken down the steps to successful styling below to help you master the perfect aesthetic.

1. On the eyes, use a crease proof, waterproof shadow base as your first step. This will help to keep the shadows in place from the moment of application to the end of the after party. When choosing shadow colours, consider the most complimentary shades to their eye colour – use warm neutrals for blue and green eyes, or cool, ashy neutrals on brown and hazel eyes. Opt for a smoky brown liner to accentuate the outer corners and use a pop of shimmer in the inner corners to enhance their inner bridal glow.

2. When choosing complexion products, avoid using any bases with SPF in the formula, instead ensuring you apply it in the moisturising step. This is because SPFs can cause flashback on those all important wedding pictures. Whilst you’re choosing the base, evaluate the undertones of their skin and ensure their face matches the rest of their body. Don’t forget, some foundations can oxidise, so try to avoid these where possible to keep this colour match the same all day. Top the foundation with cream blush, bronzer and highlighter to maintain a lit-from-within look, keeping it natural and fresh. And once the application is complete, set it with a non-drying, lightweight translucent powder and setting spray to lock your hard work in place!

3. Often the bride will bring their favourite lippy with them which they know will last all day, however if they don’t, a satin finish, non-sticky nude is a failsafe option. Make sure you consider their skin colour when choosing the shade of nude though, as you don’t want it to be too pink, peach or yellow for their undertones.

On the Day

And finally, some advice for the day itself…

1. Be the calming influence within the bridal party. Have faith in yourself, you know you can do it!

2. Make sure you have enough clean makeup brushes to hand, or take a sanitising spray to spot clean after each use. This is especially important if you have lots of bridesmaids to make up too!

3. Give yourself enough time per person, so you know you won’t be rushing yourself or the bridal party. Rushing things allows for mistakes, which no-one wants on their wedding day.

4. Be sure to dress to impress! Look professional whilst staying comfortable throughout the day in our stylish uniforms. Designed to impress any bridal party, our salon dresses and beauty tunics are both breathable and comfortable – everything you need for those early mornings doing wedding makeup! To speak to us directly about which of our styles would suit you best, simply get in touch.

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