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Why Invest in a Salon Uniform: 6 Reasons

by Adrienne Walker 23 Sep 2022
Why Invest in a Salon Uniform: 6 Reasons

The 1st ranked "other" service by market size, with an expected increase by 54% within the next year, is the UK beauty and wellness industry! So, after 2021 being a time of recovery for the industry after the pandemic, it's important to stand out. You can stay ahead of the game by wearing a fit-for-purpose beauty uniform to exhibit the professionalism that clients seek, whilst uniting a close-knit team of dedicated staff.

Let’s discuss the top reasons why you should kit yourself and your team out with high-quality uniforms.

Boosts professionalism

The aim for your business is for clients to trust in you, over others, to make them feel their best. Prospects expect for you to be conscious about how you present yourself and your skillset at work. It’s important you appear to take your role seriously, care about how your workwear fits and how it helps you get the job done. Clients become confident that you can make them look their best when they notice you take pride in your own professional style.

Builds your brand

Be the glamour that your client aspires towards. The building blocks in bringing any beauty brand to life are consistent colours, cuts and coordination. Whether you have a handful of staff, a team of 10+ or just yourself on the books, your brand must be coherent. Enforce similar tunics, trousers, dresses or accessories for your staff to keep your workforce in line with one aesthetic.

Unites your team

When you and your team feel comfortable in matching outfits, it brings union across the floor and distinguishes your staff from clients. Workplace culture is a massive part of building a successful stand-out business. What's more, your team won't be as stressed with having to pick out a new outfit every morning.

Stays affordable

Some uniform providers can burn you on price. However, it’s possible to find a brand that offers a high-quality uniform with a reasonable price tag. La Beeby, for instance, offer free UK delivery and bulk discounts that scale up as you buy. It’s an investment that pays off over time, as more clients will come knocking. Plus, it’s their custom that will cover your uniform cost. Best of all, you look like you’ve come straight out of the pages of a glossy salon magazine.

Everyone’s comfortable

You don’t need us to tell you that working in a salon, spa and other beauty workplace can be hot and physically taxing. From shift to shift, it’s important that you feel as comfy as possible. Thankfully, the best beauty workwear is made to be cool, soft and non-restrictive. And instead of staining your everyday clothes on the job, you can be rest assured that your La Beeby uniform will be good as new with just one wash. The same applies for flat beauty shoes that help you stay on your feet. Once you notice the difference, you can’t go back.

Benefits static/mobile

As a mobile clinic, you might need to take your business to an expo or a shopping centre. Beauty uniforms are the perfect way to travel in style and reveal your skills to a new market. It makes it harder for prospects to ignore your service when your brand is seen in action in more places than one.

Any questions on what we’ve covered here? We’re ready to guide you through an inspirational work wardrobe. Speak to a member of our team today.
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