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Here Comes The Sun: 5 Summer Trends You Need To Know About

by La Beeby 13 Apr 2021
Here Comes The Sun: 5 Summer Trends You Need To Know About

The prospect of a real summer holiday may be on the cards, meaning the next few months are set to be a busy time for you and your staff. Many have been eagerly waiting to get a new look – let alone show it off beyond the confines of the home! – so preparation is everything.

To ensure you anticipate the kinds of services your clients will be after, we’ve pulled together this guide. Below, you’ll find the season’s trends to help you stay ahead of the curve – from pastel pure to bold and bright.

1) Dewy glow

After a tiresome stretch of restricted social life, the natural look has evolved way beyond comfort to become a recent catwalk favourite. A strong focus on wellbeing over a tough period has led to a deeper appreciation of unmasked beauty. And so less became more.

Dewy skin with a mellow touch-up portrays a fresh start off the back of a challenging period. Purifying facials, lightweight make-up and an organic glow are likely to be popular requests.

2) Hybrid brows

Your client’s facial structure will often dictate the brow shape that suits them and enhances their natural beauty. But with eyebrows especially, the latest trends often have the final say.

Social media has been a major influencer of popular styles. We saw the ultra-defined, etched look transform into tweaked-up soap brows. But SS21 Rodarte shows us that a happy medium has been found in a firm arch, finished with a few candid strays. Prepare for similar variations on this hybrid look.

3) The curtain bangs

Refreshed in 2020, poised for 2021 – curtain bangs is a statement that doesn’t discriminate. This adaptable, low-maintenance, face-framing fringe cut enhances its accessibility for all hair types and occasions.

The fringe domination at this year’s spring/summer shows speaks volumes about the season’s most sought-after hair statement. It’s not all about the curtain either, as shorter baby bangs also made the cut. Scissors at the ready!

4) Origi-nails

Over long periods at home, your clients have been forced to forgo their monthly fresh set of nails. Unlike the tamer approach to make-up though, a creative wave began.

With acrylics and manicures off the cards, experimental self-nail care is the lockdown trend likely to see the light of day this summer. Whether it’s melees of colour or quirky minimal designs, originality is guaranteed. Expect the unexpected.

5) Bold moves

Nails aren’t the only canvas that your clients might have been freestyling on. Under pandemic restrictions, expression and individuality can only be bottled up for so long. For some, an outburst of brazen DIY moves with a ‘no rules’ attitude has been their release.

Split-dyed fringes, bold popping lips and luminous eyeshadow are among the homemade styles turning heads – so get ready for some out-there requests.

The staying power of trends born out of difficult circumstances can’t be underestimated. Use these tips, and you’re sure to set your clients on their way to a summer like no other!

It might have been a while since you’ve worked your magic in the four walls of your premises. Take a look at our salon dresses and beauty tunics to make a more confident comeback. To discuss which of our wide range of styles might suit your business, simply get in touch.

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