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Want To Flex Some New Massage Techniques? Start With These

by La Beeby 17 Mar 2021
Want To Flex Some New Massage Techniques? Start With These

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many people out there who wouldn’t benefit from a massage right now. But with the time we’ve had recently, maybe conventional techniques just aren’t going to cut it.

From the sensuous and mindful to the dynamic and beauty-based, take a look at these four cutting-edge massage styles from around the globe. They’re sure to awaken the experimental masseuse in you and bring something unique to your table.


This Japanese stress reliever is less hands-on – in fact, it’s no hands on at all! You simply apply a hovering technique to wherever it’s most needed – i.e. head or torso – to awaken one’s life force energy, otherwise known as ‘qi’.

Reiki is most commonly used by those suffering from mental or physical trauma, like bereavement or illness. But with mindfulness and wellbeing more important than ever, this one is sure to become a client favourite.

Natural facelift massage

Facelifts can be expensive, time-consuming, demanding… you get the picture. So show clients that they can swap the surgery for the salon with this wonderful, cheaper alternative.

Originating from Ayurvedic practices, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and acupressure can be used to create lasting, youthful results. It’s no wonder that this therapy is preferred by many over the surgical version, and not just for the price! Best of all, you can put down your shopping list – you won’t need any fancy new products for this one.

Chi Nei Tsang

Traditional Chinese remedies for stress, pain and digestive issues are no stranger to the Western world. The same goes for their massage techniques.

Unlike the previous methods, Chi Nei Tsang focuses on internal organ massage to help relieve the above ailments, and can even be used in the treatment of insomnia. The technique stems from the belief that emotions and organs are intertwined. If you’ve ever had butterflies in your stomach, it’s hard to deny!


Hydrotherapy has quickly become one of the leading alternative treatments for various physical and mental issues, but where does massage weigh in? Well, watsu is essentially a submerged form of shiatsu – a Japanese technique, found to be much more effective in warm water.

With the client’s muscles and tissues ultra-relaxed, they passively float their troubles away as you guide the client’s body into a range of stretching, dance-like motions and massage. Whilst this may be better suited to the spa than the salon, it’s typically performed one on one. If a heated pool is out of the question, a large tub will do just fine – as long as it can maintain a delightful 35 degrees C.

The nation needs healing, and these methods might just see you leading the parade. They’re relatively easy to implement and all perfectly suited to easing post-lockdown woes – the rest is down to you!

Of course, you’ll have to look stunning and feel great while showing off your cool new techniques – empowerment from within is just as important for you as it is for your clients. Thankfully, you can achieve comfort and confidence in our therapist tunics or salon dresses. Simply get in touch if you’d like to discuss which styles would best suit your particular therapy practices.

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