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How Colour Can Lift The Mood In Your Beauty Space

by La Beeby 03 Dec 2020
How Colour Can Lift The Mood In Your Beauty Space

Given the sterility of beauty environments in 2020, customers will likely want something a little less clinical when they come for their treatments in the new year. Plain black-and-white or metallic themes simply may not be as attractive as they used to be.

In light of lockdown restrictions, now is also the perfect time to prepare your salon for its next opening. By adding a splash of colour to your space, you’ll be able to counteract the colder feel and create a place where people can truly wind down. Join us as we explore how colour can raise the spirits of visitors to your beauty space…

Creates a welcoming and calming atmosphere

Adding art to your beauty space can really give both your workplace and mood a much-needed lift! Something as simple as a colourful mural or vinyl decal sticker can brighten up your salon by adding a touch of personality. It gives something fun for your clients to look at while they’re waiting too.

Painting the walls of your space with calming colours, such as a light blue, can also create a relaxing environment where guests can unwind and escape from daily stresses. This is especially important during these hectic and uncertain times.

Makes you seem warm and approachable

In addition to adding colour to your beauty space, consider adding colour to your workwear. There’s no denying that, compared to a black-and-white beauty uniform, a colourful garment generally makes you appear much more approachable.

Warm colours like red, plum and teal can have uplifting effects on the overall feel of your salon. We recommend swapping out those plain, unexciting work tunics with a few options that are designed to make you stand out in the beauty community.

Improves employee attitudes

When deciding on a uniform for your business, you should always take your employees into consideration. Letting them have a say in any new colour schemes can make them feel like a stronger part of your organisation.

This can rub off on your clients too. When employees take pride in their work and their surroundings, customer satisfaction can skyrocket.

Gives a boost of confidence

While neutral-coloured uniforms generally provide a professional aesthetic, salon workwear with a pop of colour has its own benefits. The effect of colours on mood can increase your self-confidence as a professional working in a beauty space. That can impact your overall performance – which, in turn, can improve how your customers view your business as a whole.

In today’s climate, nothing is more appealing to clients than an inviting space where members of staff are clearly valued and appreciated, and always happy to see them.

Regardless of the colour you choose, you must ensure that the quality of your uniform is of the highest standard. That’s where La Beeby comes in. We provide stunning beauty tunics, trousers, dresses and jumpsuits that are both durable and colourful.

To get a workwear recommendation for your particular beauty space, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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