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How To Boost Your Team’s Energy Levels In The Salon

by La Beeby 11 Feb 2019
How To Boost Your Team’s Energy Levels In The Salon

Salons are where people go to relax and feel rejuvenated. If your staff’s energy levels are low, this can negatively impact the overall atmosphere in the salon, and your customers will notice. This is why it’s important that your team have enough stamina and motivation – not only to be productive but also to be able to provide your customers with a happy and relaxed experience.

To help boost and maintain your staff’s energy levels, here are some tips that you could try.

Take regular breaks

Working non-stop is draining and isn’t good for productivity or health. To stop your staff from quickly and frequently feeling worn down during the day, create a rota that will allow everyone to take a small breather.

In creating a schedule, you are able to give your team the breaks they need to feel refreshed without reducing the salon’s productivity.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating healthy food has a huge impact on our wellbeing. To be able to function well throughout the day, your staff need to be eating enough fruit and vegetables, as well as starchy, dairy and fibrous foods.

To help increase your staff’s energy, encourage them to eat more food with B vitamins such as legumes, wholegrains, avocados, eggs and some fortified cereals. Healthy food will give the brain and heart the nutrients they need to work efficiently, and a balanced diet will help maintain healthy blood sugar levels to steadily release energy throughout the day.

Encourage and offer ways to exercise

When you’re feeling lethargic, exercising might be the last thing you want to do. However, stretching your legs every so often will help with blood circulation – and intense exercise can cause your brain to release more endorphins. This not only helps increase energy levels in the long run but also helps combat stress.

One way to encourage your staff to exercise outside of work might be to arrange an evening class for your team, or perhaps you could sign up to an employee benefit service that offers a discount on gym membership and sportswear.

Wear comfortable clothing

Whilst you want your staff to look clean and professional, you should choose an appropriate work uniform that is not constrictive and allows the wearer to have free movement to carry out their daily tasks. For example, salon trousers that are fashioned too tightly could negatively affect blood circulation, lowering your team’s energy levels and posing a threat to health and safety.

It might be an idea to ask your staff what type of salon workwear they would be most comfortable in – whether they would prefer to wear a dress, jumpsuit, or a tunic.

In addition to feeling physically at ease, wearing uniforms that are both functional and fashionable is important. If you want to opt for bespoke salon workwear, think about the colours you are going to use. Colours have an impact on our mood; try to incorporate some bright and calming tones in your staff’s uniform.

For salon workwear that combines style, comfort and quality, contact La Beeby today.

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