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In conversation with Amanda Winwood, CEO of Made for Life Organics

by La Beeby 05 Mar 2019
In conversation with Amanda Winwood, CEO of Made for Life Organics

We sat down with Amanda Winwood, CEO (and Queen of Hugs) at Made for Life Organics and Founder of the Made for Life Foundation (charity 1138846) for a candid conversation about her incredible skincare range and charity. From the heart of Cornwall, Amanda has pioneered ethical and organic skincare and wellness within spa, hospitality and retail for over 16 years. The Made for Life wellness range is 100% organic and has been a winner of the Green & Ethical Business FSB Awards and a serial winner of the Natural Health Awards. The Made for Life team have also provided training for over 500 therapists to date to be able to confidently massage people going through cancer.

Where did the idea for Made for Life Organics skincare start?

The Made for Life Organics range was created with a simple belief that the combined energy of organic oils, plant and food extracts and a hand-blended slow approach produces great skincare which is gentle and accessible to all, whilst looking after the planet. Originally created in a barn workshop, 16 years later the company is now based at the Health & Wellbeing innovation Centre, Truro.

What inspired your passion for using Organic ingredients?

A simple belief that to be well and healthy, the planet needs to be healthy and well too. Spraying crops with pesticides does not make for a healthy human in my opinion. Organic ingredients have a different kind of energy and are much more in tune with health.

Could you tell us a little bit more about your ingredients and their health benefits?

We have a slow and gentle process in terms of making. At the heart of each product is a maceration – a blend of oil and organic herbs and flowers. These are hand-pressed after one month and then we gently blend organic essential oils into our range and use only organically sourced sustainable beeswax in our balms.

They are all pH neutral and this means that they all work really well on sensitive skin. In addition because we use a range of herbs and flowers there are huge benefits from an aromatherapy point of view. Scents can calm and relax the mind whilst the balms and oils calm replenish the skin.

Do you have specific products for each skin type?

Our products are suitable for all skin types whether oily, dry or combination. Because we use botanically infused oils that work in synergy with the skin the sebum will absorb what it needs to simply nourish and replenish. The products are created to simply bring the skin into its natural balance.

What are the benefits for businesses in introducing organic practices to their salons and spas?

From a commercial point of view, the simple fact is that the sale of organic skincare and beauty products is the highest growing segment with 14% increase in 2017/2018. Many of the spas we work with have shared stories about how many more of their customers have become aware of some of the benefits of organic and synthetic free skincare – both on an efficacy level but also with respect to the environment. If more customers are asking for organic then commercially it makes good sense to respond to demand. Organic skincare is gentle and kind to the skin so is also suitable for sensitive and sensitised skin which makes it very accessible to a wider audience including during pregnancy or recovery from illness.

From a sustainability point of view, the carbon footprint of made for Life Organics is good – we hand blend everything here in Cornwall and source as much as possible locally. In addition, from a therapist point of view, less exposure to a range of chemicals is beneficial for skin protection.

And are there any financial benefits?

Because we don’t dilute any of our products with water – less is more. This means that the treatment cost in terms of ingredients is really good.

Do you have any interesting facts about your brand?

It was the first brand to gain 100% organic certification across the whole range and our youngest user is 3 months and oldest is 96! You can eat all our products as we use only food grade ingredients – in fact we have recipes on our website.

Tell us a little about the Made for Life charity and why you started it?

The charity was set up to provide an opportunity for those going through cancer to have access to wellness within spas and also access to support days. Our particular focus is to make change within spas and to enable spas to confidently open up their doors to people going through cancer to help them have a window of opportunity to be feel better and have a sense of recovery and relaxation. To date we have trained over 500 therapists across the UK to be able to welcome people going through cancer into their salons and spas.

What is your favourite tunic or dress on our site?

I love Amie as it offers the opportunity to create a relaxed gentle style which fits with our brand and also our spa rituals.

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