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Re-styling your Salon in 2022

by La Beeby 13 Jan 2022
Re-styling your Salon in 2022

It’s always important to give your salon a good freshen up every once in a while, and what better time than the start of a new year to give your salon a new look. The changes don’t need to be huge, in fact it’s often the smaller, more thoughtful touches which keep your salon relevant, and your clients coming back. Here’s some of our favourite ways to spruce up the salon in 2022.

Image: @desalonaandehaven

Bringing the outside, in

One of the easiest ways to bring calm into the salon is to take inspiration from nature. Many salons incorporate natural products within their treatment repertoire to take advantage of their nutritional benefits, but very few salons recognise the benefits of a more natural aesthetic. Known to lower stress hormones and help centre the mind, nature’s colour palette is arguably one of the most calming. With a sea of blue and green shades to choose from, these colours can be introduced on whole walls or within small accessories, such as soft furnishings and mirrors. Opt for a soothing sage feature wall, or simply add some potted house plants in rattan baskets to bring that pop of green your salon needs.

In need of some new worktops or storage cupboards? Look no further than raw and reclaimed materials. Another way to create a more natural feel within your salon, this is both a sustainable and often cheaper way to upgrade your salon’s look.

Image: @leobyliv3


If you’re looking to keep a minimalist look but still want to refresh those salon walls, a lick of white paint will do the trick. Be sure to select a neutral white – not too cold, but not too yellow – bearing in mind the lighting in the salon. Not only will a whitewashing make the salon appear bigger, but it also allows you to update your accessories and soft furnishings seasonally in line with changing colour palettes. Furnish with soft neutrals through the winter, washed out pastels in spring, bright colours during the summer and rusty hues for the autumn. White also allows the client to have a clearer idea of what their skin, hair, or nails looks like in natural light after their treatment, resulting in a finish the client is just as pleased with once they get home as they were in the salon.

Image: London’s Youth Jewelry Salon via

Punchy patterned floors

A key interiors trend for 2022 is patterned flooring, whether that be using tiles, paint, or decals. However, if you’re looking to create the same look on a budget, vinyl is a much cheaper way to ‘get the look’. Simple and effortless, vinyl is a salon saviour. It’s easy to apply, even easier to clean and will surely give your salon the modern look it desires. What’s more, this flooring isn’t permanent, and can be updated as and when required.

Focus your punchy patterns on the entrance to the salon to draw people in, but consider keeping the treatment rooms as a space for tranquillity and total relaxation.

Image: iO Beauty Gallery via @asthetiquegroup

The wonders of wall art

Another easy switch is to level up your wall art. Take down those dusty frames, give them a polish and update the artwork to better suit to the time of year in line with current artistic trends. Whether vintage or abstract, wall art gives your clients something to look at whilst they wait for their treatment, adding another string to your customer experience bow. Be sure to opt for uplifting art, guaranteed to bring a smile to your client’s face!

New wardrobe

What better time than the start of a new year to update your salon wardrobe? Starting the year with a brand new beauty uniform is surely the way to put both you and your staff in the best position to start 2022. Designed with style and comfort in mind and built to impress clients day in, day out, our salon dresses and beauty tunics are both breathable and durable – everything you need for those long days spent with clients! To speak to us directly about which of our styles would suit your new work wardrobe, simply get in touch.

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