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High Tech Salon Upgrades to Invest in this Autumn

by La Beeby 08 Oct 2021
High Tech Salon Upgrades to Invest in this Autumn

After spending the past year in national lockdowns, customers have had more time to spend on analysing their image and areas they might like to tweak or change. Previously unachievable looks have been made achievable by using the likes of fillers and semi-permanent tattoos, but for customers who don't want to commit to these procedures, there's things you can do in your salon to help. Enter the latest innovations in beauty technology; your one (or four) stop shop to add value and individuality to your salon’s treatment list.

LED Lighting Kits

Led lighting kits such as the Dermalux can add a wealth of value to your salon treatment list. Use the kit in tandem with existing treatments in your repertoire to extend their benefits, or us it to create personalised treatments tailored to your clients exact needs, whether that be a collagen boost or fighting off pesky acne. You don’t even have to add it on to a facial treatment either. List it as an ‘add on’ to any foot or hand treatment to provide a healing session with ALL the benefits.

But as we know, kit like this doesn’t come cheap. Setting you back just short of £2,000, the Dermalux is definitely an investment for your salon. However, it’s also important to note that whilst you’ll be inundated with customers wanting to add it to their treatments, you could also rent the device out to other salons in your local area for a pretty penny, helping you to recoup the investment in no time. If you’re unsure as to whether you think the Dermalux would be popular with the clients in your salon, why not hire one first? This way, you’ll be able to evaluate the demand for the treatment and try before you buy.


Although an initially daunting concept, micro-needling is becoming increasingly popular amongst clients over the age of 25. Micro-needling has the ability to re-model the structure of the skin, stimulating collagen production and elasticity. This also helps to reverse any collagen deficiencies that may start to occur in clients between the ages of 25-30. This treatment is great for tackling acne scars, wrinkles and enlarged pores as well as giving that all important Hollywood glow.

When looking to purchase a micro-needling device, it’s important to spend the money to ensure optimum safety and quality. To perform the treatment, it’s imperative to seek the required training and achieve the necessary qualifications prior to adding it to your treatment list, but rest assured that once training is complete you’ll certainly reap the benefits of offering this unique treatment within your salon.

Lymphatic Drainage

Particularly popular amongst office workers and athletes alike, lymphatic drainage is often a time consuming (for the therapist) and expensive (for the client) full body treatment. However, the launch of the Body Ballancer lymphatic drainage system might just be the answer to tackling both facial and body treatments at the same time. This high-tech suit tackles cellulite, water retention and weight loss whilst giving the client a relaxing massage – what’s not to love! This gives you the hands (and time) to complete a relaxing facial on the client at the same time, giving them two treatments in one.

The benefits of this technical suit are endless, from supporting muscle recovery after intense training to boosting circulation and immunity3806 e1d. Although the kit is pricey, similar to the Dermalux it can also be rented out to other salons in the area, lessening your personal expense.

Radiofrequency Devices

Perhaps the most innovative tools to make their way onto the beauty scene are radiofrequency devices. Although high intensity setups like Thermage aren’t accessible to non-medical professionals, amazing results can still be achieved with lower intensity devices. Radiofrequency facials use heat energy to create controlled injuries to the skin (similar to micro-needling), prompting collagen and elastin production for fresher, tighter skin. Don’t worry though! When done correctly, the injuries sustained are purely superficial, and can benefit those with acne scarring and textured skin.

*Note that this treatment shouldn’t be used on clients with active acne issues, cysts, reactive or sensitive skin due to it triggering further inflammation.

So, how will you upgrade your salon this autumn? Whilst you’ve got your purse out, why not invest in a wardrobe update too? Our salon dresses and beauty tunics are sure to keep you and your salon staff looking fresh and modern throughout the working day. To discuss which of our styles might suit you best, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

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