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Facial Aftercare 101 for your Clientele

by La Beeby 20 Sep 2021
Facial Aftercare 101 for your Clientele

Popular amongst salon clientele, facials offer results which can’t be achieved with the sole use of at home products. As you will know, totally ridding the client of wrinkles in one sitting is likely impossible, however, it's often expected. To keep your clients coming back, it's vital to provide advice which will continue to benefit them and optimise the fruits of your labour.

The evolution of at-home, high-tech beauty tools might just be the answer to your prayers. There are a vast amount of easy to use tools on the market suitable for facial aftercare, furthering progression of treatment and aiding healing. These tools work in ways which keep your job relevant, necessary, and, in some ways easier and much more rewarding. Here’s three of our favourite high-tech tools which give the humble gua-sha a run for its money.

Facial Ice Globes

One of the easiest to use and least expensive beauty tools are facial ice globes. These handheld magic wands are filled with liquid and designed to be used frozen or refrigerated. Leaving the user with visible cryotherapy benefits, the ice globes are suitable for continuing the treatment of a variety of facial issues at the convenience of your client.

Advise clients suffering from dark circles to use these in the morning to constrict the blood vessels away from the face and increase the flow of oxygen to the area, allowing for a brighter, awakened appearance. Alternatively, recommend the addition of ice globe massage into the client’s evening routine to promote collagen production, facial tightening, and lymphatic drainage – the perfect accompaniment to any lifting facial.

LED Light Masks

LED light therapy is a relatively new technology in beauty treatment and is not always available to clients in the salon due to the expense of the kit. However, smaller household approved LED light devices available from most beauty stores can prove useful when treating certain skin conditions such as acne and ageing. Coloured lights provide a range of benefit; Red light boosts collagen for anti-ageing, blue light is antibacterial for acne healing, and green light is soothing for redness and rosacea.

Recommend blue or green LED lights to clients who have had a chemical peel or facial extraction to soothe the skin make the effects of the peel longer lasting. This is great to use in tandem with these treatments as they don’t eliminate the need for future peels or extractions. Additionally, red LED lights can work to seal in the effects of lifting treatments by further stimulating collagen production in the face.

Microcurrent Devices

Arguably the most high tech at home beauty device, microcurrent devices use targeted energy to stimulate collagen production and produce significant anti-ageing results. Similar to a ‘face workout’, microcurrent devices boost circulation and stimulate the facial muscles, leaving the face visibly more toned and tightened.

This aftercare would be perfect to recommend to more mature clients who struggle to see long lasting effects from lifting or collagen boosting treatments. Advise use 3-5 times per week with a suitable conducting gel and facial serum for best results.

Don’t forget that appearance goes a long way in enticing your customers back to the salon after their treatment. Our salon dresses and beauty tunics will keep you looking your best all day, every day. To discuss which of our styles might suit you best, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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