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The Job Hunt: Securing Your Future After Beauty School

by La Beeby 30 Jun 2021
The Job Hunt: Securing Your Future After Beauty School

Summer is finally here! A time which, for many beauty college students, spells the end of courses which have trained them over the past two years. Although often daunting, the closure of this door inevitably leads to the opening of another: the start of a long and successful career in the beauty industry.

After a turbulent year within the industry, beauty professionals are still finding their feet in the ‘new normal’. Although faced with challenges daily, the demand for professional hair and beauty treatments has never been higher. This demand has led to a spike in the number of employers offering employment opportunities, especially to students fresh out of beauty college. However, the key to getting hired isn’t always technical ability. Here’s some golden characteristics that employers are looking for.

1. Willingness to learn

Although confidence in your own ability is a great trait to have, the greatest skill to develop is the willingness to learn new skills. Remember that salon employers have much more industry experience than you do, and although you are entering the industry with a fresh set of skills and the latest techniques, try not to let your confidence overspill into arrogance.

Arrogance often indicates that you are unwilling to learn, making you harder to teach and less likely to fit in with the Salon’s team and their ethos. Be sure to demonstrate humility, be agile and eager to develop in order to rise above other, more highly skilled, candidates.

2. Extra-curricular passion

What have you been up to in your spare time which shows your dedication? Whether you’ve had previous industry experience, taken extra classes, or even honed your skills on friends, now’s the time to show your devotion to the beauty world.

Gather evidence of your work and prove to your potential employer that you’re in this for more than the pay packet. Once they see proof of your out-of-hours passion, they will be reassured that you can deliver services to the highest quality on your shift – and that you really care about your work.

3. People skills

Although the customer’s primary concern is always a having the treatment done well, a close second is personal comfort. Returning customers usually make repeat bookings following positive and enjoyable experiences and building a foundation of trust with their salon professional.

Don’t forget, reputation is everything in a competitive salon marketplace, so employers will be scouting staff that can maintain that. Be personable, be friendly, and – more importantly – show that you can adapt. Ensure that you are flexible and alter techniques to offer each consumer experiences tailored specifically to their needs.

4. Professionally fashionable

‘Dress for the job you want’ is a well-known phrase that certainly rings true in industries that trade in optimising personal appearances. First impressions go a long way, so demonstrate professionalism with an eye for fashion. Do your homework to discover what’s on trend whilst maintaining a smart aesthetic. Your ability to look good in front of clients will be well received by employers, and helps prove that you’re a perfect fit for the role.

Have you landed yourself an interview, or maybe even a trial shift? Show your potential employer that your beauty college days are over with stylish garments that mean business. Our range of salon workwear and beauty uniforms combine style with comfort and are built to impress clients and companies alike. To speak to us directly about which of our styles would suit your new work wardrobe, simply get in touch.

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