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Want To Ace Your Beauty College Course? Here’s How

by La Beeby 22 May 2019
Want To Ace Your Beauty College Course? Here’s How

Many of us look back on beauty college as a golden time in our lives. It’s hard, sure, but beautiful in more ways than one. Beneath the surface of your styling, technical and merchandising lessons, you’ll make great friends. Challenge yourself. Become more confident in the world, and walk out – hopefully – to create your own business.

But first, you need to pass. And to do that requires soaking up all the knowledge and experiences you can. We have some ideas in mind to help you do this...

Form a study group

It’s likely you’ll meet a handful of other students you really click with during your time at beauty college. You’ll take classes together, but it’s also useful to study outside of lessons too, in groups of three or four.

Choose people who are fun to be around but can also knuckle down when they need to. Meet up somewhere public, like a library or a café, once a week. Spend a couple of hours going over notes, assignments or upcoming exams. You’ll be surprised how quickly you fall into a study routine.

Visit industry events

Sometimes a little reality check can go a long way. You may do a lot of theory and beauty practice at college, but listening to real businesspeople explain what they do (and how they earn from it) can give you a ton of confidence, inspiration and motivation.

Your course may offer a trip to a careers fair, but beyond that, seek out beauty conferences or local showcases in your local area. Meet and speak to as many entrepreneurs as you can. They’ll tell you how they got started, as well as some tips of the trade.

Use your student discounts

We’re betting you get a decent price cut from certain beauty brands. Many colleges give you a discount simply due to the fact you’re studying with them. Every tool, cream, spray and makeup set helps, after all.

See if you can get a spa day for less too. It’s worth seeing how people run their beauty business by visiting one yourself. In time, you’ll see their activities with a professional eye – what are they saying about the brand? How do they treat customers or visitors?

Absorb as much beauty media as you can

The internet is a trove of amazing info. Don’t take it for granted; there’s so much to see and learn from.

If you don’t follow beauty bloggers, watch YouTube tutorials or reach out to forums, then change up your routine. Set Google alerts so you know when there’s a breaking beauty story. Magazines are good, but online communities are better because they react to things far more quickly. Use Reddit to see what people are talking about when it comes to fashion, hair, makeup or wellness.

There – you have an awesome foundation for success with your beauty degree! With extracurricular inspiration and practical awareness of how to run a beauty business, you’ll be top of the class in no time… When you’re ready to earn from those skills, remember to check out La Beeby’s collection of beauty uniforms, which strike the perfect professional chord and ensure you look as great as you feel.

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