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4 Ways To Calm Clients In Your Beauty Space

by La Beeby 13 May 2019
4 Ways To Calm Clients In Your Beauty Space

Businesses need a headline draw, and a calming effect is the essential lure for any beauty brand. A salon, clinic or massage parlour must ease people into a state of relaxation, so they want to return to you to escape from the world.

There are easy additions you can make for a space that hits all of those notes. We have four here to kick-start your chill-out credentials. Do it right, and you’ll earn more footfall, profit and – most importantly – happy customers.

Buy a batch of scented candles

Scented candles enshroud visitors in light, pleasant smells, with herbal effects that loosen up or soothe the people you’re treating.

Camomile, for example, leads to a satisfying drowsiness. The scent of mandarin is a well-known balm for nervousness and anxiety. Candles that link some of these ingredients together, such as those in the La Beeby range, can do wonders for your clientele.

Play ambient music

It’s unfortunate that most modern businesses have chart music crashing out of their speakers. There’s no need, really – customers hear it in supermarkets, bars and furniture stores, which leads to over-saturation. The same can be said of radio DJs with incessant chatter and phone-ins.

For a calmer feeling, choose ambient music; it’s more patient, less bass-heavy, and lets people observe their own thoughts instead of listening to lyrics. Alternatively, consider nature sounds or tinkling piano music. Anything than the ‘standard’ chart radio is a welcome change.

Introduce massage add-ons

Do you have a trained masseuse? Use them to your best advantage or invest in training till they’re ready.

Hair and nail salons can extend their treatment by placing massage therapy alongside more traditional offers. When customers recline in a chair, they can get their beauty fix whilst falling into quiet meditation, as you knead their scalp, neck, shoulders or feet. Add an extra few pounds onto your service charge for the privilege. Or even leave a room free for full-body massages, if you have the space.

Dress exceptionally well

A salon uniform is a visual representation of who you are. Those qualities will seep into the client too, providing your staff have the same aesthetic, with crisp, clean lines and interesting colour choices. White and light pink are classic shades for a calming feel in your work uniform. But there are many others to try, combined with pleated effects, belted waists and casual footwear that doesn’t limit your movement.

The more graceful and comfortable you look, the more at ease a customer will be. So it’s definitely worth checking out La Beeby’s range of beauty uniforms for a style that suits your body and the look you wish to convey.

Soon enough, your beauty space will be a place of necessary relief for your customer base, instead of a luxury. They’ll come back more frequently and spread the good word amongst their friends. For further advice, speak to our style professionals today.

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