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How To Market Your Salon To Men

by La Beeby 29 Apr 2019
How To Market Your Salon To Men

The beauty industry is still aimed at women, for the most part. Yet more and more men are taking care of themselves with wax treatments, massages, skincare and sharp haircuts. Male grooming is big business. It also draws men to your payroll – in all likelihood, you may have been approached by a guy hoping to join the team.

So how do we make salons relevant and attractive to men around the UK?

Read on for ways to push the boundaries of your beauty brand, and become more welcoming to men of all ages.

Gender-neutral displays

Your salon reception can cater for both sexes. Glossy magazines, flowers and scented candles are largely considered stereotypically female, which means you’re at risk of being too presumptuous if you remove them altogether… A stereotype is just a label, after all. But on the other hand, some men will prefer items or décor choices that fit more in line with “classic masculinity”.

To this end, consider pictures of famous men, cars or forest landscapes. Metal or industrial furniture can help too. Don’t sway broadly in either direction, but aim for a blend – or go for totally gender-neutral colours such as off-white and oak.

Package service deals

Men like cut-and-shave treatments. They also want to know they’re getting value for money. So, in the early days of your male-centric makeover, consider deals, incentives and loyalty schemes for male services.

The salon should of course be stocked with some contemporary hair, beard, skin and aftershave products – the kind that’s found on the pages of men’s magazines.

An emboldened marketing voice

According to experts and consumer research, men like straight-talking, courageous marketing that ditches the clichés and presents the facts.

Capitalise on it. Give your promotional language more direct phrasing and a competitive implication. If a man sees a poster offering ‘a trim you won’t believe’, they’re more likely to see what you’re all about. Again, though, be careful. Lean too heavily on this and you’ll alienate guys who don’t respond as well to these messages.

Beautiful male work uniforms

When it comes to male staff, they need to have a distinct, well-fitted spa uniform that’s of the same standard as their female co-workers. You can find it in the La Beeby salon tunic catalogue – we have several sizes, cuts and colours. Whether you go for a straight line of buttons down the middle or a side-fastening design, the men in your workforce have plenty to get excited about.

A front pocket keeps any necessary tools in check and, what’s more, men can stay cool thanks to our polycotton material. As well as keeping the tunic soft and breathable, it also makes the uniform incredibly durable – and it won’t blow a hole in your budget.

Chat with a member of the La Beeby team today for more salon tips (male-driven or otherwise) and workwear recommendations.
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