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Is Black Always Best For Beauty Wear?

by La Beeby 08 Apr 2019
Is Black Always Best For Beauty Wear?

We’re often told that black is the epitome of chic. But is it really true? If so, is that always the best look for your salon or beauty clinic? Black is certainly beautiful, yet there are other colours and combinations to try on for size.

Inject some more personality into your work wardrobe. It’s easier to distinguish your team with these alternative colour themes:

Dark purples and blues

We’re starting with a deep sense of calm. Purple, for whatever reason, makes us feel luxurious and extravagant. A plum tone can do wonders for your salon aesthetics, and gold and silver on the chairs, walls or counters can complement this. Check out our purple salon tunics, which also come in a lighter, more neutral shade.

Blue, meanwhile, is a very calming colour. It reminds us of the sea or an open sky. Salon tunics need to put people at ease, so look for a blue work uniform with faux crustal buttons – like Beau or Eliza.

The chocolate effect

Brown has many taste-centric associations. We tend to think of coffee, tea, caramel and (of course) chocolate, which are all comforting to us in some way. Salon trousers with a cocoa-brown palette will help create this impression within your premises. If you top them with a cream shirt or tunic, your staff will benefit from an instant dose of class and feminine maturity.

Our beauty therapist trousers have high waists, so any top-wear can create a clean line over the hips or be tucked in – whatever you deem best for your brand’s particular look.

Pink accessorising

What do you do to enliven a white or black uniform? Simple: get a pink belt! It’s perfect for salon workers who don’t want to wear bold colours or patterns all over, yet still like to be noticed. Think pink, and you can craft a professional image that doesn’t compromise on personality.

You can go a step further and match the belt to a fob watch in the same colour. Together they make an excellent style statement. Pink shoes may finish the look off, or overload it; experiment to determine your sweet spot.

The grace of grey

You might think that grey is much too conservative and dull. However, look again to see the perks of this colour for your work uniform. It’s one of the cornerstones of neutrality, meaning you can pair it with white, cream or light orange without anything looking out of place. Indeed, grey can make other shades pop. It also fits very nicely against the pure white backdrops of some spas or nail salons.

So you see, black isn’t necessarily the pinnacle of workwear fashion. Other colours can do just as much, or more, for your team’s elegant appeal. Speak to La Beeby to discuss your next uniform investment. We can advise on size, shape, feel and bulk order discounts… Just get in touch.

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