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Why You Should Upgrade To A Modern Salon Tunic

by La Beeby 12 Apr 2018
Why You Should Upgrade To A Modern Salon Tunic

The piece of clothing we choose for work can be transformative. Not only does it have the power to make you look and feel better, a customer can also see that you take a lot of pride and care in your own style – and will be able to do the same for them.

So looking for a salon tunic is a big decision. Where to start? Your wardrobe may be in need of a fashionable, practical addition to your workwear that doesn't break the bank. La Beeby, and our propensity for cheap, modern beauty uniforms, is here to advise you on what to search for in your next glamorous tunic…

Creative necklines add distinction

As much as we're mad about beauty uniforms, they don't have to be a single, uniform style. A variety of fabrics are available, and necklines can also leave room for a little wardrobe experimentation. The most popular modern salon tunics often adopt a circular, straight-edge or V-shaped cut.

The V-neck is great for the spring and summer months when you're in need of greater breathability. Stricter cuts, on the other hand – such as a tunic that buttons all the way to the top – can suit a luxury spa, as long as the heat doesn't get too intense. Either way, a change in neckline is a great place to start to shake up your workwear. When you're doing so many beauty shifts, it's important to keep things fresh!

Unbeatable comfort throughout the day

Modern salon tunics have been made with your body in mind – taking into account how it moves in the workspace. Comfortable beauty uniforms are essential, because the job can cause you to cramp, sweat and ache from hours on the move. Be selfish. Only search for work clothing that puts you at ease.

Polycotton is one of the materials used with increasing frequency: combining the best qualities of cotton and polyester, with none of their drawbacks. That means you get a salon tunic that's breathable, light and easy to iron, responding quickly to your body temperature throughout the day. It's tough too, so any snags won't have a major impact.

Greater freedom of movement

We've spoken briefly about the exertions you face in your job – tending to the customers in your salon, perhaps even travelling from house to house as a mobile beauty clinic. Fitted salon tunics, however, don't stop us from doing all of that. They're figure-hugging, but not at the expense of your ease of movement.

Longer length and side-split cuts are just two choices you can make for a tunic that moves with your physical demands, instead of against them. Another flexible feature is the cross-over tie. This is paired with a zip at the back, but can tighten or widen the salon tunic's fit to your hip if preferred. Modern fashion has the ability to cater to all manner of tastes.

La Beeby have a huge variety of fabulous, fitted salon tunics to consider for your professional wardrobe. Each of them are hand-selected by our beauty experts. Fancy learning more? Contact us for a new tunic that ticks all the modern trends.

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