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Salon Uniforms: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

by La Beeby 02 Feb 2018
Salon Uniforms: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Whatever beauty profession you're in – as a masseuse, hairdresser, nail technician or makeup expert – you're bound to need uniform providers. Having special workwear is going to underline the appeal of your business, as well as keeping you comfy through a busy shift. But beware the fallacy of expecting every provider of salon uniforms to hit the mark… Not all workwear is created equal.

La Beeby want our beauty customers to know their money is being spent well. Therefore, let us dive deeper into what makes a uniform investment sink or swim for a contemporary workforce.

You don’t want… Terrible designs

Salon tunics, jumpsuits, therapy trousers and the like should be trying to compete with today's style palettes. There’s no use touting your grasp of what makes someone gorgeous if your own work uniform is dull, drab and outdated. Some beauty uniform brands are stuck in the hinterlands of fashion that no-one wants to see anymore. This is where the 'ugly' comes in – a trait that will chip away at the trust an entrepreneur requires within their client base.

How might ugliness be pinned down? Well, we’d say that shapeless, amorphic beauty tunics and trousers are a start, along with suffocating colours that don't have any real vibrancy. You want to give customers a sense that they are retreating from the world, improving themselves with your skills, instead of twiddling thumbs in a nurse's ward.

You also don't want… Poor quality and pricing

We can now get into the seriously shadowy territory of being let down in other ways – on the feel of the fabric, its washable attributes and being overcharged for a batch of cheap clothing.

Beauty uniforms don't merely have to look great; they must, at the same time, be light and breathable. Busy salon sessions are going to put a strain on your body. If the materials are too restrictive, coarse or irritating, they will make a shift harder than it needs to be. The same goes for heat retention: some natural warmth is good, but you’ll generate enough by being kinetic on the salon floor.

A share of beauty uniform providers will try and flog you items of this calibre, with the added problem that the clothes will take ages to dry. Salon tunics and other workwear should be quick to wash, treat and iron. It’s possible that some of your first options will facilitate creasing when it should be limited.

Lastly, price is a big concern. How much are they charging you? Ordering in bulk is meant to trim the overall spend you make. La Beeby, for instance, offer free shipping on orders exceeding £75. Further discounts run from 5 to 20 items as a package; by placing faith in our catalogue, you’ll retain some of those costs, which can be spent elsewhere.

We are, in fact, the antidote to everything we've spoken about here. Call our style professionals to learn more about affordable, rewarding beauty uniforms. There’s a wide selection of items to consider, there to match the ambition of your business…

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