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Tips To Make Your Salon Sales Surge

by La Beeby 27 Feb 2019
Tips To Make Your Salon Sales Surge

There’s no keeping still in the salon business – from rushing around delivering treatments to capturing new clients. If you want to make sure you’re constantly drawing in fresh customers, there are a number of tips you can take on board. Join us as we delve into the ways to make your salon sales surge.

Explore new marketing channels

Traditional salon marketing strategies still have a place. As a face-to-face business, the likes of posters and leaflets are worth their investment – but you can’t afford to get left behind.

So go modern-age and, if you haven’t already, create social media pages for your salon. B2C platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest work best. The latter two are particularly valuable because they’re image-focused. You can attract customers with captivating photos of your treatment results, along with snaps of staff in their professional and eye-catching beauty uniforms.

You can also advertise via social media and take advantage of its narrow audience-targeting capabilities. Don’t forget SEO either – it’s a key way to get your salon climbing up the ranks in Google searches.

Offer an incentive

New clients who have discovered you online or elsewhere, as well as existing customers, will be enticed to visit if there’s something in it for them. You could offer a discount, or a form of free service or perk.

A referral programme is a particularly great incentive. It has the potential to provide you with double the number of customers (or perhaps even more). Often people like to visit salons in pairs, making the referral mutually beneficial. This can be incredibly effective if they previously had a good experience at your salon. They will be a lot more likely to act on the referral if they know their friends will enjoy it too.

Encourage good reviews

You can use satisfactory customer experiences as part of your marketing. Encourage them to post their testimonial on your social media channels or other reviewing platforms, like salonspy UK, Treatwell or TripAdvisor. Seeing a good or bad review can make or break a prospective customers’ decision to visit your salon.

These reviews can be displayed on your website as well. Since SEO is a key driver of business in the salon industry, your website should put your brand in the very best light.

Make the salon aesthetically appealing

You’ll want the positive things they hear about your business to be a reality for every customer. They may instantly be put off if your salon doesn’t appear attractive, so make sure it’s alluring by considering every single aspect.

Along with the general upkeep of the workplace, you can entice visitors with specific colours. You could display particular accessories too, for example flickering de-stress candles. These will not only create a great mise-en-scène, but help visitors feel relaxed as soon as they enter your salon.

Don’t neglect the beauty uniforms that you or your staff are wearing either – there are a variety of stunning salon tunics and dresses that will instantly charm customers.

Enable staff efficiency

It’s not just the style of your beauty workwear that can help sales surge – how comfortable they are is just as important. Staff who feel their clothing is constrictive will likely have less energy and feel more stressed, resulting in lower productivity.

You can choose beauty tunics which have front and side splits, allowing for free movement. If any staff are affected by heat, then there is salon workwear available to help them keep their cool.

Integrate these tips, and you’ll soon see your sales soar. If you struggle to determine the beauty uniforms that will pair well with your salon, then just get in touch with us here at La Beeby.

We’ll take the time to get to know your brand, so that the pieces you pick will be sure to create a great impression among existing and future customers.

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