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Trend-Setting Spotlight: Beauty Therapist Trousers

by La Beeby 27 Nov 2017
Trend-Setting Spotlight: Beauty Therapist Trousers

Comfort is key when investing in our workwear. Beauty therapist trousers in particular have to be wearable for long stretches of time. Style is important too; a pair of colourful, well-fitting trousers will leave customers in admiration of your trend-setting wardrobe.

What should you look for, then, when purchasing a new pair of beauty therapist trousers? Read on for our thoughts on the lower half of your outfit:

A material match-up

Beauty therapist trousers aren’t something to take lightly on a comfort level. The base material – especially around the waist and hips – should be impeccably soft, whilst still strong enough to avoid rips or pulls in the event that you catch them on something in the workspace. We prefer two types of material: polycotton or soft twill polyester.

The first is a blend of cotton and polyester (35% to 65% is a nice ratio) that retains the benefits of each, such as colour dye retention, heat resistance and breathability. It is fairly plain in texture compared to our polyester trousers, which have been woven in the distinctive ‘twill’ method.

With polyester, a diagonal pattern is formed within the fibre structure. This loses some of the airiness of a part-cotton purchase, yet makes up for it by being resistant to creases – a twill-woven fabric is easier to drape on a clothes horse or washing line, so you have less effort to get it dry and ironed again for work.

Slim or straight-legged?

Skinnier designs tend to be popular with younger professionals, but it’s crucial to remember that the upper half of your wardrobe has to be in-line with the fit. A figure-hugging salon tunic or middle-tied shirt can give an image of sleekness accentuated all the way down to the ankle brim.

The Emma model is a good example of beauty therapist trousers that cleave close to the thighs, buttocks and calves. A pastel purple colour is very tasteful and can go with a mauve, red, white or lilac shirt. Male staff might prefer a straight-legged alternative, however – in which case you might plump for a pair of Leroys, coming in a standard 34” length to reveal part of the shoe when worn in full uniform.

Meanwhile, anywhere with a slightly ‘freer’ form of dress can benefit from the cropped ankle of the Etta trousers, mainly for spas or summer shifts.

Front waist features

Whether you go for buttons or zips isn’t really a massive style decision if your waist will be hidden by the flow of a lengthy beauty tunic. If it’s exposed, a zip is probably better, since it adds to the seamless clean lines of the beauty therapist trousers as a whole. Some have both (i.e. a zip and top button) for extra security.

La Beeby is fond of the Lili style, which exhibits a higher waist fit than others in our product list, and a side zip fastening for a different spin on what we expect. The pinched quality of the waistline is mediated by a looser, wider cut along the bottom of the legs, so you’re forging a gentle contrast for its visual properties.

Don’t be stuck for beauty therapist trousers again, now that we’ve given you a glimpse at the modern, luxury selections on the market. Browse our website to see our full range or, if you have any questions, just call our team for advice.

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